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Eibisch – Althaea officinalis – Marsh Mallow
Eibisch is a biennal member of the Mallow family. The plant grows up to 2 m. It is very impressive by its showy flowers, which are 10 cm in diameter, bright white with a red center.  Originating from the near east the plant has been cultivated in gardens e.g. in the Netherlands for her most attractive flowers. It provides us with a special herbal remedy made of her root. This remedy serves as a healer of coughs and bronchitis as well as inflammations of the skin and the digestive system. However the root-remedy is not easy to make, the root has to dry quickly because it is prone to mould. The flowers can be boiled with honey to make an excellent tea for soothing sour throats.

Marsh Mallow

„There are no other limitations for you than the ones you believe in“. Well, of course this is a little naiv and romantic. Believe it or not: you never will be able to jump as high as 3 m. Some limitations are simply set in a material world. Fighting against them would only cause much work, pain and frustration but certainly no success. However in the field of mental patterns and beliefs our limitations should be questioned from time to time. May I quote Francis Picabia: „The head is rounded to make changes in the direction of our thinking possible.“

Do I really have two left hands – or am I so thumb-fingered because I believe to have two left hands? Or am I thumb because I have no school diploma? And it is really impossible to understand what „offside“ means, simply because I am a woman? You see: nothing but nonsense. On the other hand are the limitations we believe in often stronger than the material ones ...

You may have heard the story of the polar bear, that has been quoted so often. Anyway Denver‘s zoo director once bought a polar bear before the corral was ready. So they put a small cage from where the bear could watch the workers on his future quarter. Finally after everything was done and a kind of natural preserve for the polar bear finished, they took away the cage, expecting the bear to explore his new area joyfully. Something else happened: the bear did not leave the small space where his former cage was placed. He went four steps in one direction, stopped where formerly the bars were, turned around, made four steps in the opposite direction, stopped were the opposite bars once were and so on and so on. The cage was no longer there, but yet it existed in the bear‘s mind.

Don‘t we often behave like this bear? Once the limitation caused by a belief has been accepted we mistake it for reality. Are we really thumb, ugly und unskilled? Or did someone tell us so? Or did we draw the conclusion from a traumatic event? Do you know of anybody who called off his exam, simply because he already knew he would fail? (I do) Too often we set ourselves limits that do not exist in the real world. We find ourselves ugly, put on dark and grey cloths and stare constantly to the ground, hoping nobody will notice our ugliness. And when nobody looks we know that is not because we try to be inconspicuous, but because we are oh so ugly. Beliefs work like self-fullfilling prophecies. We better avoid them or at least the negative ones.

Marsh Mallow

So many of us do not notice our own skills, our talents and our beauty. And so become more and more frustrated and stressed. Our lives reduce to merely survival.

Sometimes it is a traumatic experience that creates our negative belief. Failing when having to do the penalty in front of your whole school or breaking one‘s toes when toe-dancing can be very embarrassing and make us avoid such situations for ever. However the conclusion that we are unskilled must not necessarily match the reality. Failure may as well be caused by stress and pressure from the audience. Anyway the result is our inner belief: I cannot do it.

Beliefs can make us strong, but they can also weaken us. They can be a definite mental handicap and work similar to physical handicaps. It does not make any difference if you believe you cannot dance and therefore avoid it or if your leg is broken. The result is the very same: you do not dance.

Eibisch essences was first made in the middle 80ies by the German Blütenarbeitskreis. The founder Hildegard Kräftner took the research essence to a workshop in Berlin. Then the city was still isolated behind the so called iron curtain. Many people in Berlin felt uncomfortable and somehow locked up. Hildegard let the attendants of her course choose any essence without knowing which one it was. Many of them took Eibish. „From then on I called Eibisch the Berlin-Essence, because it is good for people who find walls everywhere, even when there is none at all.“, says Hildegard.

If you like to know if Eibisch could help you, ask yourself, if there are any situations in your life when you behave like the polar bear – reduced to the minimum of your resources. Do you lack courage to do what you like? Is it lethargy or a kind of addiction to any kind of behaviour pattern?  Are there any working beliefs in you, that may be created by your parents or teachers but not by yourself?

What has become of your dreams? Why don‘t you simply try? Eibisch helps you to cross the invisible borders and limitations in your life. No more „I am not good enough“, no more „I am not capable of this“ and definitely no more „in the end I am the loser anyway“. These beliefs create an unhealthy life style and make you suffer for no apparent reason. They work like hypnotic suggestions, but since they refect how you think about yourself, it should be possible to see yourself in a different light, from a different point of view – a loving one.

Eibisch rescues from the inner saboteurs, it cuts the inner chains that block us from doing what we really want. Go beyond your limitations, see what lies behind the horizon, try something you never dared to.

Try Marsh Mallow.

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