Flower Essences and Trance States

There are people who know exactly what trance means without ever having consciously experienced such state themselves. They believe in tv shows and are scared of being manipulated and forced to make a fool of themselves in public.

Artemisia vulgare

From my point of view trance is an altered but natural state of consciousness. In such state one is so focussed on a special experience, that one hardly takes note of anything else. You can compare trance with dream states: although it may be pure imagery, everything happening is taken as real and can cause changes in the body. Trance states take place in everybody‘s everyday life without being recognized as such. For children it is more natural to be in trance. They are completely focussed on what is happening when they are playing, they forget everything around them and sometimes even that they should better go to the toilet.

Grown-ups often do not even notice that they are in trance, but how many of the football world championship watchers e.g. did not hear the ringing of the telephone while their favourite team played? And who does not forget everything around him- or herself when falling love? This shall be trance? Of course it is!


Trance is very natural, usually we unconsciously get in and out of trance. Most of us however do not know about that and so do not utilise this special human capability - but if we want to we can learn how to make use of it. But what is it good for?

Let us take a simple example from our everyday life: you go out shopping and suddenly notice a pair of shoes in a shop window that you really like. You take a closer look, but then you find them to expensive and turn away. When later being asked what else can be seen in this special window, you can hardly tell. In trance however you would remember there were some ugly boots in the left corner. Your mind filtered the information, since it seemed useless. It protects us from being overwhelmed by too much input by simply ignoring what has no meaning to us. You may also find it useless to remember ugly boots, but the xample demonstrates our mind‘s abilities. And this one can really be useful e.g. when you prepare for your exam. Imagine being asked something that was talked about in a lesson, which you found so boring, that you did everything else but not listen. Techniques like superlearning utilise these phenomena.

Whatever happens while I am in trance is taken as real. When I dream a tiger is hunting me, my body reacts as if it were a real tiger, I start sweating and my heart beats although I live in a country without such animals. Anyway I can learn how to cope with such dangerous situations in trance, I can turn to the tiger, talk to him and perhaps make friends. This ability will become a newly created inner ressource, which can help me when facing more realistic conflicts.

So this is a little paradox: trance broadens my consciousness by  decreasing my perception.

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