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Getting to the Quintessence: A flower is like a Diamond

I see a flower essence as being like a multifaceted diamond. There are many facets to each essence, and it is up to us to attune to these, to polish the diamond, so that the beauty of each facet is revealed. Only a relatively small amount of information, data, and research is available about the many flower essences coming from all over the world and how they work. In time, when more research has been done, we will be able to see the whole picture of each remedy.

This is why, with the Findhorn Flower Essences, it takes at least a year before I will release an essence for public use. Even though the information I initially receive from the nature intelligence makes it quite clear what the quintessence of each remedy is, for me it is a deep and therefore lengthy process to define an essence and its action on all the different levels of being: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

This aside, the landscape environment and its energies, the consciousness of the one making the essence, and the time of day and year all affect the qualities of the remedy. For example, it is preferable to make up an essence whose effect and action is one of 'releasing' in the afternoon when the sunlight is decreasing in strength. Likewise, energies available at the time of the full moon are unique and can be used to enhance certain qualities of an essence.

Environment and consciousness play a big part in the making of an essence. Flowers selected for essence preparation should be growing in a pure landscape, away from pollution of any kind. They must be at the peak of flowering and in prime condition.

An exception to this was when I made the essence of Daisy. I had grave doubts about it because I used flowers growing on a busy common area in the village of Findhorn. My doubts arose because of its very public, roadside location, but it came to me that this was the very reason for including it in the repertory. Sure enough, when I tuned in, what I received confirmed that the essence of Daisy would help those seeking calm amidst the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Making the flower essences has led me into a very deep connection with Nature and the intelligences informing the nature kingdom--the devas or angels and the nature spirits of the elementals. Sitting in meditation before a flowering plant, I ask for guidance as to the qualities expressed by that plant, and which properties would be of healing benefit for humanity.

Each essence preparation has been an adventure in itself. During the time I begin to prepare an essence and following its final preparation, I experience its nature within myself, with the associated feelings and effects on all parts of my being. Also during the preparation time, I almost always meet a person or persons who are personifications of the qualities expressed by the essence, or who may need it.

It is this firsthand experience--along with information received from the higher levels and the over-lighting nature intelligences--that gives me a picture of the qualities of a flower. It is followed by research on the essences in a variety of therapeutic settings over extended periods of times by clients, friends, and health practitioners in order to study the indications, qualities, and effects of a given remedy.

The development of the Findhorn Flower Essences has been an education in itself for me. With practice, this contact with nature intelligences has strengthened over the years since I first began making the essences. I delight in being able to pass on to others my own teaching experience of attunement, alignment, and awareness.

The ability to communicate and connect with the angels and nature beings is innate. Our task is to make it conscious. When, in our hearts and minds, and in the spirit of love, we bridge the seeming separation between us and the unseen spiritual world, we find joyful oneness with Nature, and the power to co-create with it.


By Marion Leigh

How do you decide which essence would be appropriate? We had a poll running on The results show up to now that around 15% of our
Imagine this good friend of mine on her way back home after a busy weekend, when she gave a course. Thank God, it is done. It is late, sunday evening,
Imagine the engine is working quite well and our ship is on course. Out of a sudden we hear the boy shouting from the look-out: „Iceberg ahead!“.
Pine – Pinus sylvestris I think everyone of you already knows Pine, originally discovered by Dr. Edward Bach himself and so longer than 70 years
Kapuzinerkresse – Nasturtium – Trapaeolum majusKapuzinerkresse mirrors a special type of personality, a very boring one, I am afraid. Imagine
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