Nasturtium - A Sparkling Energy

However when life returns it will be an exciting experience. It is as if the senses return, they start to feel their feet, their belly, their fingertips. As if the door has been opened to a brand new world – one that indeed has been there all the time. Nasturtium not only refreshes and vitalizes, this essence also brings the courages to face the in the first place somehow frightening experience of being a living being. They develop the emotional spectrum to a whole. And this will be visible for others. It is not just that the faces return from the pale stages to a more healthier one. You can see it in their gestures, facial expression, posture etc.


When people change, the world changes. Everyone can tap in his or her inner ressources and develop to his full potential. Sometimes one needs a little help. Nasturtium essence can provide us with the help we need.

You do not necessarily  have to belong to that special type of person to enjoy the energy of Nasturtium. Sometimes in life we cannot avoid to focus on our minds, e.g. when preparing for an exam. Headaches are not really helpful then. Or use it after a hard day at work, especially when you work in a busy office.

The key to this remedy is exhaustion by mind work.

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