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Nasturtium - A Sparkling Energy

Kapuzinerkresse – Nasturtium – Trapaeolum majus
Kapuzinerkresse mirrors a special type of personality, a very boring one, I am afraid. Imagine an intellectual person living in a rational, logical and cold world without any sparkling emotions. Imagine you had no other criteria to relate to the world than your mind, you were lacking emotions, vitality and self-expression. Must be a hard life – on the other side you were unable to see it that way, so you would not even notice that you are missing anything at all.


Such people are cool, sober-minded, rational and reasonable – and oh soo boring (sorry for that). Emotions do not count, the mind is everything and that is how they live. No ups and downs, no joy, no pain, no ecstasy. The emotional realm simply does not exist for them. Their body is merely a vehicle for their brain, they do not do any sports or games, they are weak, since they do not enjoy (=train) their body. They train the brain. And nothing else. They are stay-at-homes so to say.

Well, they can create masterpieces, no doubt. But these are intellectual masterpieces – without the heart dimension. People can create atombombs, they do. All too often such people, who have missed to develop a sense of humour, see the world from a very restricted point of view. They develop a certain strictness and stiffness, which is the best strategy to avoid making too many friends. In their own narrow world they are able to understand things others would be overcharged with. They can solve problems. Unless they are emotional ones.


People of the Nasturtium type are in danger to end up as embittered, narrow-minded and dense squareheads without love, joy and friends, because they miss all opportunities to have fun. When life only takes place in the heads, the heads start to fight back with headaches, nervous and neurotic symptoms. Typical symptoms on the physical level are lung problems and anemia – due to the lack of vitality.

What these weak people need is new energy, they have to be re-charged with new life. First they have to learn to breath fully, to incorparate and use the energy that surrounds us all. Call it oxygen, call it Chi or Prana or whatever. Without air there is no life.

However when life returns it will be an exciting experience. It is as if the senses return, they start to feel their feet, their belly, their fingertips. As if the door has been opened to a brand new world – one that indeed has been there all the time. Nasturtium not only refreshes and vitalizes, this essence also brings the courages to face the in the first place somehow frightening experience of being a living being. They develop the emotional spectrum to a whole. And this will be visible for others. It is not just that the faces return from the pale stages to a more healthier one. You can see it in their gestures, facial expression, posture etc.


When people change, the world changes. Everyone can tap in his or her inner ressources and develop to his full potential. Sometimes one needs a little help. Nasturtium essence can provide us with the help we need.

You do not necessarily  have to belong to that special type of person to enjoy the energy of Nasturtium. Sometimes in life we cannot avoid to focus on our minds, e.g. when preparing for an exam. Headaches are not really helpful then. Or use it after a hard day at work, especially when you work in a busy office.

The key to this remedy is exhaustion by mind work.

How do you decide which essence would be appropriate? We had a poll running on The results show up to now that around 15% of our
Imagine this good friend of mine on her way back home after a busy weekend, when she gave a course. Thank God, it is done. It is late, sunday evening,
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