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Pine & Pine Pollen

Pine – Pinus sylvestris


I think everyone of you already knows Pine, originally discovered by Dr. Edward Bach himself and so longer than 70 years in use coming with a precise description of what to expect from the essence. Today let us take a look at the wider picture, since Pine is a widely used plant providing us with more than just her essence.

Pine does not need much to grow, has no special preferences, you can find her on sandy soil as well as on a ground of rocks. Pine was the pionier that formed the primeval forest after the last iceage in Europe. This plant is so flexible and adaptable using the wind to carry her pollen to other plants.

The tree‘s wood is so full of resin, that it burns very long and at the same time gives a wonderful scentl. You may be astonished to read that in earlier times people used to use pine needles to fill cushions and mattresses. How that? Are they not much too hard and stiff? Well, if you steep the needles in warm water they crack and give us a sort of fluffy fibres. Just let the fluff dry and the production of the so called „wooden wool“ was finished.


One of the main ingredients of Pine‘s resin is terpentine oil, which was used thousands of years ago by the Egyptians as a helpful mummifying tool. Even though this kind of use is a little outdated, the resin is still in use in the production of lacquer and other products. Beyond that this essential oil is well known in the aromatherapy, that uses the oil to treat warts, and other natural healing methods. There is also a special preparation made of one part distilled resin, one part water, that was extracted from green Pine cones plus some essence, that shall make us look younger and wrinkles diasappear (no guarantee but perhaps worth a try).

Terpentine can be used for inhalations when you caught a cold. One of its ingredients is Vitamin C. The oil soothes coughing and cleanses throat and lungs. There are many more ways in which you can use Terpentine oil: in a tea, in the bath-water, in cremes etc. I should not forget to mention that Pine tree produces such a lot of resin, that it makes an affordable, if not to say cheap remedy.


On the psychological and emotional level the effects of Pine are also not unknown. I often send clients (do some homework) to places with Pine trees and stay there for a while. If you want to, meditate, if not just sit and inhale deeply, when you face emotional problems or even turmoil. The use of the essential oil has very much the same effects. Often the inner blockages melt and the stored emotions and pain can come out. You can release problems with your tears. Calmness and inner peace can return, once sadness, pain or depression are released. This may have been the reason why thousands of years ago Germans planted Pine trees in graveyards and other places, where one has to cope with sadness and grief.

The Celts thought that everybody born between 19 and 28 February and between 24 August and 2 September were born under the protection of the God of the Pine.  Especially women born on the right time should be blessed with good fortune and health.

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