Pine & Pine Pollen

Pine Pollen

Since you certainly know Edward Bach‘s Pine essence let me take the opportunity to talk about a very similar essence. Inspired by Steve Johnson‘s work in Alaska, who prepared a Blueberry and a Spruce Pollen essence, I once was able to prepare a pollen essence myself. It happened somehow unintentionally, since that very day I had no plan to make an essence at all. On the contrary I had an unexpected task, since my neighbour was a little desperate because her little girl‘s kindergarten was unexpectedly closed that day. The people working there were sick, and she did not know how to cope with her daughter and going to work herself at the same time. So I thaught this would be a nice morning with a little girl in the park, playing in the spring sun, having a fine time and bring her back to her mother later.

We simply could not ignore the Pine trees in the park. The slightest breath of wind created yellow clouds of pollen, so I had to take the opportunity, rush back home, get the glass bowl and so on. Accompagnied by my neighbour girl it was the first essence that I did not prepare alone. And it was so easy.

Pine Pollen

She softly tapped on a twig and at once the pollen ran into our bowl. Most astonishing however was to find out the pollen was still fully energized after the preparation process was finished. I could easily dry the pollen and have prepared another essence with its help a year later (which I did not since we gave the pollen back to the tree). (By the way her mother was mad with me for a while, because she was not at all amused about that disgusting vanilla shampoo I gave her daughter as a present for her help... you have got one wish free - perhaps I better think about such offers twice next time.)

But what are the effects of such a pollen essence? Well, of course every ‚common‘ Pine essence has some pollen in it. You cannot avoid it (and why should you?). So Pine and Pine Pollen essence certainly work similarly.

So let us remember about the effects of Pine. The keyword is „guilt“. Real as well as imagined guilt. Pine works on the self-induced inner blockage of guilt and shame and bad conscience.

Usually sensations like pain, anger and fear work like warning signals. Tooth pain e.g. is a big motivator for people who are afraid of the dentist. The pain disappears once the tooth has been treated. However just like pain can change from a symptom into a disease emotions can become chronical and change from a temporary signal into a permanent disorder. People suffering from feelings of guilt do not necessarily need to do something or someone wrong. They even feel guilty when someone else treats another one badly. Imagine someone telling a joke and nobody laughs. The one who feels embarrassed is always the one of the Pine type. No matter what ever happens: Pine feels responsible for every failure, even for those of others.

In addition to this misguided feelings the Pine type always looks for perfection. Everything less than 100% is failure. The point is that there are no 100%, there is no rule without an exception, nowhere in the universe. Not even the Earth is perfectly rounded.

Anyway trying to confront Pine with reality does not help at all.  „You are not responsible“ will always be replied with „Yes, but...“. So neither a confrontation with reality nor a try to influence the reality will ever help in a Pine case. What in such cases is needed is a change in the person‘s perception, in the way he reflects the outer reality within. The mechanism within is very similar to the one that makes people, who fall in love,  see things through rose-coloured spectacles. Unfortunately the Pine type sees everything as if a jugde sentenced him to death. No matter what happens, the inner judge knows only one judgement: „Guilty!“

So it is necessary for someone suffering from the Pine syndrom to learn that forgiveness exists. There must be an essence that makes him be merciful and patient with himself. Pine is exactly the one needed in such cases. Pine makes us forgive ourselves, loosen up and feel comfortable with ourselves.

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