Captain vs. Steersman

Somehow similarly works the experience of solidarity (or lack of it). Even when the child is mischievous and nasty, it has to be protected by the family. May it have smashed in the neighbour‘s window, it is necessary that the family stays on its side. The neighbour may be furious and of course there is a damage, but when it gets hard, the child needs support rather than attacks. To experience something like „when I do something wrong, my family drops me“ leads directly to the belief „I should never tell anyone about my failure, I better try to sneak through, since in the end I have nobody to count on“. Imagine how damaging such belief can be! But the steersman accepts the order and takes care that the person, who is no longer a child, still prefers to be an outsider and always has problems with and in relationships and never feels supported even when they are ... perhaps we give this person a second chance – try Cross-leaved Heath.

Cross-leaved Heath

However there is one kind of damage worse than all the mentioned before. The result of beatings and abuse is a child without a childhood. Such child will have to cope with a lack of confidence, self-worth and trust and on the other side an overload of mistrust and self-doubt. People who experience childhood abuse usually do not trust the right people, they do not set proper boundaries, let people come close, who do not mean well, but refuse others who perhaps love them. They simply cannot distinguish between both. So further damage is programmed. - It may be the right time for Touch-Me-Not Balsam.

To come to an end I should not forget to mention Amble Willowherb, the emergency essence for children, also for the inner ones. If the adult suffers from problems with roots in his childhood, he should prefer Amble Willowherb to other antitraumatic working essences, since it directly works on the original trauma (not because the other would not work, do not get me wrong)

Amble Willowherb

There would be many more to mention, that can help children as well as adults, but I stop here hoping that the basic idea behind the use of essences for children has become clear. Children can easily change, so it is good to become a child again to change oneself later.

Whenever we have to cope with an inappropriate emotional response, that we want to change, it is much easier to do that working at the time of their first occurrence, when they create beliefs that block us instead of helping us with orientation and developing. So considering a combination for somebody else or yourself, think about adding one or more essences for children. They help to make up for missed childhood experiences.

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