Shut up, inner voice!

Imagine we are walking on the street and a child approaches. Do you really notice who that is? Do you notice facial expression, body language, mood, purpose? Or does your inner voice tell you „Great, something to cuddle!“ - or on the contrary „lousy midget!“ In the first case you enjoy, in the second one you are annoyed. In both cass you are not interested in what the child may want.
The next second the child is gone, nothing happened - besides that you wasted mental energy. You see the inner voice does not really need any reason for chatting. Whether the child relates to you or not - who cares? The inner voice certainly not.

The inner voice could be seen as a Zen koan (in fact it is none), a riddle, an effect without a cause. In order to stop it, if only for a second, it needs extreme awareness. You would need an essence that works like a axe, that interrupts as soon as the first whisper appears. And indeed there is one like that: Magnolia. But if you like to use Magnolia, be careful and be aware, once the fog is gone the truth lies in front of you and it is not necessarily beautiful. Reality can be shocking, please realize that, before you dare take some drops of Magnolia. When the make-up is washed away, it may disturb you what lies underneath.

When we grow up we can hardly speak, but the inner voice is already there then. Like an echo repeating itself it stays with us, no matter what it says, be it good or be it stupid, sticky like chewing gum under our soles. The inner voice has a couple of important characteristics. The first we have already learned to know: no need for a cause. The second one ist the permanent repetition. The inner voice does never finish. Once we are through with the repetition of yesterday‘s discussion, it starts anew, it chews the cud endlessly. Of course we could have been smarter, funnier and have come precisely to the point. However we did not, and this will not change, no matter how often we repeat what we said, what the other one said, what we replied... We simply cannot inhale spoken words backwards and make them unsaid. The past is the past. And often nobody is interested in the old stuff. Just one. You know who I mean, the talking head that never stops.

Anyway repetition is the keyword that leads us to the Chestnut essences. To be precise: to White Chestnut. This is the Bach flower, that calms our thoughts, when they run in circles without effect. without consequence, without solution. She stops the inner chitchat. Once is enough, we do not repeat tomorrow‘s tasks internally over and over again, since this leads us nowhere. It just makes us nervous.

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