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Shut up, inner voice!

It gets really annoying however when it comes to ruminating problems. It does not make any sense to repeat thoughts about problems, when in the end there is still no solution. In such case it has nothing but depressing effects. I have a problem, I cannot solve. So I think about it and come to the conclusion, that I cannot solve it. As a result I do not only think about the problem, I also consider myself incapable of finding a solution. And this in turn leads to self-condemnation, down the spiral I rush into deepest depression. But why for God‘s sake? The problem is the same, myself I am the same, nothing happened except for the depression, that is initiated and fostered by my inner voice.

Now this is the time to consider the second of the Chestnut essences: Chestnut Bud. This is the essence for people, who do not learn from past experiences and consequently have to repeat them. Once you have found out, which of your decisions and choices you need to change in order to get better results, the need for repeating thoughts about problems may leave. Chestnut Bud is the essence, that helps to find your way out of your vicious circle.

And there is another one: Red Chestnut. This essence works with an amazing issue. There are people, who love to take over others‘ problems, when themselves they have none. They are constantly worrying about others. Now of course it is very human and usual to worry about your kids, when they go on holydays for the first time without their parents and so on. On the other hand a little more trust in your children would keep yourself calm. Red Chestnut is the one that helps to let these thoughts go off. You cannot change anything when the plane crashes, it won‘t stop doing so, only because you are lying awake in your bed without finding sleep. If it would I would certainly be the first to recommend it! Fortunately in 99% of all cases the plane does not crash and the only one who takes some damage are you because of a lack of sleep.

Chestnut-Trio is a combination remedy of all three mentioned Chestnut essences, designed to help us stop unnecessary thoughts, quiet the inner voice and become internally calm. This is a powerful tool to make the inner voice shut up.

People tend to look at the course of the world from the perspective of their navel. Make the earth subject to you. In fact, one could write the story from
How do you decide which essence would be appropriate? We had a poll running on The results show up to now that around 15% of our
Imagine the engine is working quite well and our ship is on course. Out of a sudden we hear the boy shouting from the look-out: „Iceberg ahead!“.
Pine – Pinus sylvestris I think everyone of you already knows Pine, originally discovered by Dr. Edward Bach himself and so longer than 70 years
Kapuzinerkresse – Nasturtium – Trapaeolum majusKapuzinerkresse mirrors a special type of personality, a very boring one, I am afraid. Imagine
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