Shut up, inner voice!

Let us now turn to another special quality of the inner voice: judging. This is really damaging and most of all: ouselves.

I am sure you read anywhere what relationship experts says about the first impact. They claim, that the quality of any relationship is determined within the first couple of seconds. So far, so good. But what if my inner voice turns out to be as imcompetent as it showed up when it came to solving problems (see above)? So if these experts are right I may judge a person as incompatble within a blink of an eye - and let the love of my life go away without the slightest attempt to connect. Thanks a lot, inner voice!

Non-judgement is what all kinds of meditation have as a common goal. Let us take things as they are, without commenting every word, gesture, nod. For heaven‘s sake: relax! However easier said than done.

Now we can judge ourselves or others. If we are constantly turning ourselves down, then it is the well-known Bach flower Pine, that helps. If we are critizing others, Beech can help.

After all that my intention may shine through finally. I think medition is nothing that should be reduced to some special hours per week, but become a daily practice. Trying to not think is nothing but meditation. So meditation can definitely help us increase our quality of life, unregarded if you use it a spiritual tool or simply to feel better with your everyday life.

It is the inner voice that can make our lives a hell. It seeds doubts in good times and makes hard times even harder by constantly complaining about anything. However the inner voice accompagnies us our whole life, and it is not an easy task to tame it. There is another essence I like to mention when it comes to gaining a non-judgmental attitude: Copper Beech. Both, Beech and Copper Beech are capable of making us accept, what we cannot change.

Originally Copper Beech was intended to be a helper when it comes to dying. Now however I consider her more an essence to help let go off attachments. When you are too much attached to life, when you are going to die, the whole process will become a mess. Once your time has come you should be able to go. This is a fight you cannot win. But Copper Beech works with attachment in a more general sense. You can as well let go off your attachment to neediness, upliftment, ego. A common question often used to meditate about is „If this were the last day of your life, what would you do?“ You may say: enjoy a hamburger - and there is nothing wrong about that wish. But some may say: take revenge on person soandso, which would make a desperate end to a desperate life. (You rather enjoy your hamburger)

The question Copper Beech asks is: „If you had not another second to live, what would you let go off?“

Once we have calmed and reduced our inner voice, we may want to turn to what is usually meant as „inner voice“: intuition and inner wisdom.

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