Picking flower essences

How do you decide which essence would be appropriate? We had a poll running on http://essenzen.net/. The results show up to now that around 15% of our visitors prefer to choose the right essence by simply picking one out of the box.
You will not tell this our scientific friends, will you?!
Anyway when so many people use this method, we should take a closer look, don‘t you think?

Once I had an experience that deeply touched me, when I was the patient of a kinesiological demonstration during a seminar. The session lasted one and a half hour. I was fully focussed on what happened internally, but when I returned to the present I noticed one of the attendants crying silently. Quite obviously some part of the session had touched her and I immediately felt she needed some drop of Quince. I went to another room where my box was, opened it and picked – Quince.

Should it really be so easy to choose the appropriate essence for someone else? I started to train my intuition.

I put the box with the essences right in front of me on the table. The labels were hidden and they also did not stand in the alphabetical order. I closed my eyes and visualized Chicory as good as I could. Then I held my hand above the box and waited for something to happen. I felt something hard to describe, a feeling of my hand being drawn into a special direction accompagnied by a kind of tickle and warmth in my palm. I allowed myself to be guided by that tickle, picked a bottle – and it was Chicory. Ok, this could have been by accident, so I repeated the experiment with Mimulus. And in fact I was able to pick the Mimulus bottle.

Anyway after trying and trying I have to say that one in 10 tries failed. Mabe due to a lack of concentration or whatever, I do not know. I only know I am far from perfection in this field. Then I took the next step and visualized the person instead of the flower. The result was the same: 10% failure rate, meaning I chose the wrong essence in 10 of 100 cases.

Beyond that I felt unable to demonstrate this to my students during my lessons and courses. It seems that the expectation of the attendent influenced the experiment, I was distracted and unable to reproduce the results I got when I was alone. Of course, it may be that some more focussed and grounded and harder to distract person than I am could produce better results. However I have learned that my own intuition is not infallible. When I experience a certain amount of stress or I cannot tune into the patient for whatever reason, my intuition fails and I have to find other ways to decide which essence is the best for the client.

The ground you stand on becomes even more slippery when choosing the right essence for yourself. Perhaps the lack of intuition is one of your problems (since you are a Cerato type), then it will not work until the problem is solved. However you should also take into account that there are inner forces inside of you that want to keep the problem, the disease, the symptom, because it gives you something in return e.g. attention from others, that you would not get when you are in good health. If a part of you profits from the problem it certainly will try to keep and protect it. This part will Make sure that you will not pick the essence that helps to solve the problem.

All in all I like to say with Lenin: trust is good, control is better. Listen to your intuition but do not follow it at any price. Check if your intuition is right by muscle testing or any other method you are familiar with. Keep in mind that it is possible that you may project your own problems on the client! It may turn out that your intuition made you choose the essence for you – not your patient!

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