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Who is the boss?

An end to the success story is not in sight. As reported by well-informed circles, plants are currently preparing their first trips to distant stars. In their service, countless engineers are involved in scenarios of the construction of a biosphere on Mars. The plants know exactly: without us it will not go. They let others work for them again, make themselves comfortable and seize their chance when it’s ready. Bet ?!

So if plants are so superior to us in so many respects, why not partake in their specific intelligence? If we study the behavior and the strategies of plants, we can learn and benefit from in the production of flower essences.

For example the three plants using similar strategies of coping with stress.

Dandelion - Taraxacum officinalis

A flower for city dwellers. When it gets really tight and hectic, it may become too much even for dandelion, which is well-grounded by its long pile-roots. No problem: it just flies away and looks for a new location. Firmness as long as it goes, coupled with ease and agility are an optimal combination for this plant.

For us, Dandelion is one of the most important essences. Whenever the stress strikes, we tend to give up our looseness and instead get in a stage of tension. The abdomen muscles tighten, the shoulders are pulled up to the point of protection of the head so that the throat seems to disappear, and back pain is one of the most common problems of all those who are stressed. How good is a bath with a dandelion. Or a few drops in the dosage bottle. If you can not relax, you are well advised with this essence.

Willowherb seeds ready for the adventure

Willowherb - Epilobium angustifolium

Take any pain or emotion that is associated with the feeling of fire and burning. In nature Willowherb is the travelling first aid kit. It comes after fire to heal the burned ground. The little flying umbrellas Willowherb uses to send its seeds over distances seem to have a built-in magnetism for disaster. After worldwar 2 Germans called it „Trümmerblume“ (ruin flower), since it appeared in the bombarded towns in the midst of the wreckage. In America is it know as Fireweed. It comes to help without being called and the most important: it cures what is underneath the surface. As a pionier plant it is necessary to work on the devasted ground before other plants can settle there. In terms of flower essences it means even when our visible and superficial wounds are healed the trauma may still be active in our unconscious and causes the so-called post-traumatic stress. It must be healed if we want to liberate us from the power of trauma.

Amble Willowherb – Epilobium hirsutum

Willowherbs sisterplant has specialised on a similar healing method. It grows near creeks and rivers and does not care about floods. Where Willowherb heals experiencings of being helpless and overpowered by burning pain, Amble Willoherb helps when you feel like drowning. Its seeds can fly, too, but the special thing here is: they can swim.

From experience I can say that Willowherb works best with adults while Amble Willowherbs seems to be better with children. This rule however is not carved in stone, imagine an adult with a traumatised inner child.

How do you decide which essence would be appropriate? We had a poll running on The results show up to now that around 15% of our
Imagine this good friend of mine on her way back home after a busy weekend, when she gave a course. Thank God, it is done. It is late, sunday evening,
Imagine the engine is working quite well and our ship is on course. Out of a sudden we hear the boy shouting from the look-out: „Iceberg ahead!“.
Pine – Pinus sylvestris I think everyone of you already knows Pine, originally discovered by Dr. Edward Bach himself and so longer than 70 years
Kapuzinerkresse – Nasturtium – Trapaeolum majusKapuzinerkresse mirrors a special type of personality, a very boring one, I am afraid. Imagine
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