Be upright and self-assured


The Sunflower related gouverning vessel does not only serve as store of Yang energy, but alos coordinates the activity of all meridians. There is one special point called Baihui, it is point number 20 of the Gouverneur meridian, where all meridians meet. That is why this point is often used for didnostic purposes.

Try to find it where line between nose and nape of the neck meets another line, which goes from earlobe via the highest point of one ear to the related points of the other ear. (Perhaps you rather take a look in an acupuncture handbook...) Once you place the bottom of the chosen essence bottle there you can watch how this essence will work, when being taken internally. This allows to foresee the client‘s reactions, which may support one‘s choice or perhaps indicates a necessary change of essences, until you will have found the appropriate one.

To sum it up: Sunflower essence works a little like the sun himself, taking it uplifts one‘s mood, brings joy and motivation, strengthens the inner male, the active and decisive part of our personality. Sunflower rises the body as well as one‘s self-assuredness and self-soncsiousness. Imagine a firefighter, running into a house saving a child‘s life, while everybody else watches anxiously and afraid to take action. Would you like a taste of this strength?

Take Sunflower essence. It‘s great!

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