Be upright and self-assured

Sunflower – Sonnenblume – Helianthus annuus

Imagine this client of me – a giant of a man, almost 2 m tall, but considering himself as a dwarf. He succeeded in making himself small by standing with hanging shoulders and a bowed spine that he indeed seemed smaller than me, although actually he was much taller. He had to look up to me!

Situations like that make it hard sometimes not to burst out laughing in front of a client. This giant played the role of a little mouse without even noticing. He simply did not know what a man he was, all he presented was meant seriously. He shoewed quite clearly how he considered himself: small, helpless, powerless, a nothing.

And then there was this pretty young woman, who behaved similarly. Of course she was not as tall as her male equivalent so she made herself smaller in another sense. She was convinced to be the ugliest being on Earth and in order not to be confronted with the reality she developed a kind of mirror-phobia in order to avoid to take a look at herself. She further succeeded in reducing her perspective by ignoring all the admiring views she might have caught in case she only tried to open her eyes. But the way she prefered to see the world became a kind of self-fullfilling prophecy: I am as ugly as hell, nobody will ever love me, not even take a look at me – and she looks around and notices only people looking in another direction. That is the proof.

To be honest I should say that she became less and less attractive once she decided to make herself even smaller than her 1,60 m size by avoiding any kind of food. It seemed she tried to make herself invisible. She developed anoriexia.

Both cases have one thing in common. They show us that it is possible to completely deny reality and consider something different as truth which only exists in one‘s mind (which does not mean they were insane). And secondly that is was my foremost task to take influence on their extreme lack of self-worth.

How can we help such people to stand on their own feet and support them in their effort to lead a fullfilling life?


Of course, it is always good to go back to the time when these self-destructive beliefs first appeared and heal the underlying trauma. For such purpose you may use Willowherb (Fireweed), Broad-leaved Orchid, Star of Bethlehem and other anti-trauma essences and give them in combination with one or more of the essences for children, since you can say that the worse the case is, the earlier the client developed his destructive belief, of course in most cases in early childhood. But this article focusses on the special qualities of the essence of Sunflower.

If you have a garden you may plant Sunflowers where you feel the soil has not enough energy to feed the plants. When Sunflowers are in an earlier stage of growth they are able to turn their head towards the sun in order to get a maximum of their rays. They pass this energy to the soil, enrich it this way and prepare it for next year, when it may allow other plants to root and grow successfully there where growth was not possible before. Her essence works quite similarly. Whereever a person feels a lack of energy in his or her body, apply sunflower essence topically. Most people have personal patterns, a weak point where suffering starts when they are facing stress. Some develop stomach ache, others catch infections and some stumble and fall and break the same leg as last time. These are the areas, that can be treated with Sunflower essences.

A combination with White Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) may be helpful since this essence works as a special protector or our weakest points. You can also support the effect of the external application by taking the essence internally.


The key to understanding this essence is her affinity to the Gouverneur meridian in Chinese acupuncture. This meridian starts at the coccyx and then flows right above the spine upward over the head until it reaches its final point under the upperlip inside the mouth. The less energy the Gouverneur carries the worse becomes a person‘s posture as well as attitude. A person with a weak gouverning vessel, how it is also called in some book about acupuncture, can develop a skoliosis, which means a lateral curvature (hope you understand what I mean, did not find another expression in my dictionary) of the spine, which in turn can not only lead to pain but to further damage. Such skoliosis can result from one-sided strain on the body, something all of us are more or less suffering from, right-handed persons on the right side, left-handed ones on their left side. But this phenomenon can also result from a one-sided perspective.

Standing upright does not only indicate a healthy spine but also a healthy self-consciousness. Bowed people can use this essence to regain their natural and original posture. It seems to be a natural law, that healing takes more time the longer a damage exists. People who are suffering from a certain problem, they feel unable to resolve, often unconsciously decide to accept it as part of their very own nature. „That‘s just the way I am“ they say and indicate by saying so, that they have given up trying to change themselves. The earlier they have become resigned the more time and effort it will take to get rid of this unhealthy attitude. So do not expect miracles from the use of Sunflower essence. Taking the essence internally and hopefully externally, too, soothes first before the use step by step straightens up our spine. It will take some time, so do not give up too early! Just ask yourself what you have to loose when going on using the essence. Sooner or later you will reach the point where there will be no more doubts, since you can not only feel but also see the improvement.


The Sunflower related gouverning vessel does not only serve as store of Yang energy, but alos coordinates the activity of all meridians. There is one special point called Baihui, it is point number 20 of the Gouverneur meridian, where all meridians meet. That is why this point is often used for didnostic purposes.

Try to find it where line between nose and nape of the neck meets another line, which goes from earlobe via the highest point of one ear to the related points of the other ear. (Perhaps you rather take a look in an acupuncture handbook...) Once you place the bottom of the chosen essence bottle there you can watch how this essence will work, when being taken internally. This allows to foresee the client‘s reactions, which may support one‘s choice or perhaps indicates a necessary change of essences, until you will have found the appropriate one.

To sum it up: Sunflower essence works a little like the sun himself, taking it uplifts one‘s mood, brings joy and motivation, strengthens the inner male, the active and decisive part of our personality. Sunflower rises the body as well as one‘s self-assuredness and self-soncsiousness. Imagine a firefighter, running into a house saving a child‘s life, while everybody else watches anxiously and afraid to take action. Would you like a taste of this strength?

Take Sunflower essence. It‘s great!

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