Well known essences reviewed: Scleranthus

Scleranthus – Scleranthus annuus

I am sure most of my readers know this essence very well, the good old Bach flower, that helps to solve the conflict of stop and go, spend or save, caution and risk and all the other possible inner polarities, that can keep one stuck. An often overlooked feature is the meditation help.


There are certainly more than two ways to meditate, however since Scleranthus is an essence that works with polarities I just focus on two of them, the Eastern and the Western way. You could also call them the hard way and the easy way – but this would not be true. Anyway this would be the hard way: sit down, watch the white wall in front of you and stop thinking. Just like that. It does not matter what your mind wants, if it wants to repeat stories and thaughts you already know – simply shut it off. For us who have grown up in the western society, that values the mind and the thinking so high, a meditation like that can easily become a kind of torture. I think that is why most of us prefer the ‚easy way‘. It bears some food for the mind. When the mind is busy with something unimportant it will not disturb our meditation. At least this is the idea behind it. So we can repeat any kind of mantra again and again or we can count our breaths or work with a Zen Koan (you know the sound of hands clapping – which part of the sound is produced by your left hand?).

Flower essence people like meditations with natural objects like a tree, a flower, a beehive or whatever. Your eyes can focus on something nice looking and do not always look around searching for something new. Call it unfortunate or fortunate, this is simply how our mind works: when nothing happens it either repeats thoughts that have already been thought or looks desperately for something new. It does not count what, the mind takes anything. So why not give it something?


Now you do not have to sit in front of a nothing – you can use a tree, a pond, a plant as helper with your meditation. Krishnamurti taught to break down all barriers between oneself and the object of meditation. There should be not distance between both the person and the object. Others should not be able to distinguish: is a person meditating with a flower – or is it a flower meditating with a person. When both have become one, you can gain great insight into the real essence of yourself as well as the plant.

Nature‘s colour is green. The flowers we nowadays use for preparing essences have originally all been developed from green leaves. Some plants kept their green flowers, others gave them other colours in order to make them more attractive to insects or birds or other beings. However there are also species that kind of return to their origins like Green Rose, one of the flowers Living Essences from Australia use as an essence for everyone who fall back instead of developing themselves to higher levels. Anyway all green flowers have something in common: they improve our antenna for nature‘s subtle forces. Some of them are even used for developing the so-called ‚green thumb‘, an expression Germans use to describe people whose flowers are always in bloom and whose gardens look like a paradise. So if you are a gardener with little success you can always try a green essence in order to develop your inner gardener.


Green essences like Scleranthus help us to align with nature. That is why they seem to be destined to serve as meditation teachers. Beyond that Scleranthus is able to free us from polarities, which may keep us stuck. Green is the clue to her energy, since it is also the colour of the Heart Chakra. So when you are indicisive and stuck the grren energy brings you back to your heart instead of suffering from fights of mind and emotion. The solution can be found within the heart, you simply have to gain access to it. Scleranthus is a helper in such case.
Scleranthus is certainly an essence that works with the heart. She helps to find a solution when one is tossed around by extremes (stay a joyful single or commit oneself to a loved one; get a fast car or better a safe one; follow your feelings or follow your mind ... and so on).The Heart Chakra is the center of our energy system, it is the point where the energies from the physical realm (the lower Chakras) and the spiritual realm (the higher Chakras) meet. It is the right place to find peace.

A peaceful heart, a still mind and fine tuning to nature‘s forces make Scleranthus and ideal essence for meditation.

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