The Story of Desperation - Told by the Willows



Willow essence can free us from that spiral, she gives us a tool for any kind of chronic pain. Did you know that Aspirin is made of Willow trees? The most important task in the treatment of Willow people and states is: stop the pain! The characteristic of pain is that it seeks and finds attention. Once there is pain anywhere in your body and/or mind it pushes everything else aside. This is no basis for anything new.

Rheumatic persons are somehow typical for Willow states. Look into their faces, watch the tension and the mood they are in. You may call Willow-despair „emotional rheumatism“. Then take the pain away and watch how their faces change, see how they could look like if only this beast making their lives a hell would disappear. Their lives could change dramatically and so would their bodies and faces.

We cannot make anything undone, but we certainly should reduce the effects of former failure. If the basis is pain the building will not be stable. People with a broken leg try to avoid using it. Healthy people use both their legs. With mind and emotions it is very much the same. So we must first heal the emotions before we can build up something new.

Failure cannot be the basis for anything. It simply means „try something else“. But before we can try something else we must get rid of the impact of earlier failure that has created our belief of our unablity to change. First we have to destroy something before we can build up something new.

Do not think this is an easy task. Certainties and beliefs are hard to get rid off.

But Willow offers us a helping hand!

...and it is not the only one!

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