The Story of Desperation - Told by the Willows

 Crack Willow - Salix fragilis

Certainly she is not as well known as her sister Willow. While searching for more Crack Willow essences besides my own one I only found Sue and Simon Lilly‘s English Green Man Essences one. They write: „‚Spiritual sun‘. Letting go, allowing things to happen. Sense of oneness with the world. Communication with the Higher Self, the planet and the energies of the sun.“

Crack Willow 

Crack Willow is an essence that helps to let go off doggedness, grimness, subbornness. It is good for people who bang their heads against the wall in order to break a gap into it. The pain however does not stop them from doing so, they run against the wall again and again and with every failure they try a little harder.

Perhaps they could dig themselves a tunnel under that wall, they may jump over it, they could search for a door and they could try a different direction – all this does not come to their minds. They want to go through that damned wall, no matter what the cost.

If someone in such situation would only make a break, calm down and be still he could find new opportunities, new directions, new perspectives – and would not need Crack Willow at all.

Crack Willow releases tension from neck and shoulders just like Willow releases tension from the joints. Both are perfect for external applications. Try warm compresses with Crack Willow around the neck, when you suffer from headache and other tension induced kinds of pain around shoulders, neck and head. Crack Willow enhances the flexibility on the physical as well as on the emotional and mental level.

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