The Story of Desperation - Told by the Willows


Goat Willow - Salix caprea
I could not find more than just one other Goat Willow essence besides my own. It is made by Anne Rensing from Irisflora, she writes: „ Lets you find a second chance; renewing when you find yourself exhausted or the situation you are in no longer supportive and somehow worn out.“

Goat Willow

Like both other Willow essencs this one works on tension and rigidity and finding a way out of it. This too is about renewal. While Willow works on joints and Crack Willow on the neck, Goat Willow works with the Solar Plexus, the nervecenter, that regulates the balance of activity and passivity.

Perhaps this is the most effective of the three Willows when it comes to letting go, because it works on the basic regulation. Goat Willow helps to let go off all the old stuff, the pain, the failure, all situations when we made a fool of ourselves, when we did not reach the goal and so on. She teaches how to throw off the burden, the experiences, beliefs and convinctions that do not help us any longer (if they ever did) but stop us from doing and being what and who we really want to be and do.

This is the gift that Goat Willow has to offer.

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