Lotus – A Master Essence

The physical characteristics of the plant and its beautiful blossom reflect its spiritual symbolism and properties as well, in what is known as the Doctrine of Signatures. The Lotus grows in the muddy water of still ponds and lakes. The magnificent blossom unfolds gradually one petal at a time, till full-bloom in the morning when the sun's rays touch the flower. As the Lotus awakens and blooms at the first rays of the morning sun, the interdependence between the Lotus and the Sun is a symbol of love.

Lotus Flower

The plant has its roots deep in the soil under water. The long, cylindrical stalk passes through the water and rises above the water's surface. The mud in which the Lotus roots grow represents material life, while the water through which the stalk passes represents the astral world. When the plant reaches the surface of the water and opens its bud to the sun, it represents spiritual being.

Lotus Bud

The crown chakra--the energy center at the top of the head--is also called "The Thousand-Petalled Lotus", which is a symbol of final revelation. It is believed that the transformation of the world into a paradise can occur through the Lotus, which expounds fully the oneness of all life. In Buddhist tradition, the fully opened Lotus has a strong solar character and its petals are likened to the rays of the sun. It is a symbol of enlightenment in this tradition. In the Egyptian tradition also the same theme is repeated.

Meditating on the Lotus Flower Essence brings harmony into all aspects of our being within and without. Given the Lotus plant's potency as a symbol and its thousands of years of association with spiritual practice in many traditions, we believe that the essence made from Lotus is the foremost flower essence on this planet. As a flower essence, Lotus has many uses. It is called the spiritual elixir. It helps in meditation by calming the mind and improving concentration. Thus it assists in spiritual growth -- take Lotus Flower Essence seven drops before meditation. It is good when used as a spray around the place of ceremonies. When used with crystals, it is very powerful in effect. Lotus is an excellent elixir for balancing, cleansing, and strengthening the aura. All the chakras are aligned and balanced by releasing, adding, or directing energies to them, thus resulting in better health and harmony. Lotus also balances and amplifies the effects of other flower essences when used in a combination. It corrects emotional imbalances by allowing a gentle release of emotions.


For e.g, a case of severe backache may be due to a suppression of emotions and a storing of negative emotions, and can be helped by release of emotions through dreams. It is a good harmonizing essence for interpersonal relationships, as well as for our connections with our animals.

In general, Lotus Flower Essence hastens recovery from illness, so it can be given to the patient at the start of therapy. It is a very good aid to healers in diagnosing patient's conditions more accurately, and ameliorates the anxiety of a healer about the patient's problems. When in doubt about which therapy to prescribe for a patient or when the patient's condition is confusing, Lotus Flower Essence opens up the case by clearing the picture.

Lotus aids in cleaning the entire system of toxins -- physical or subtle. It can be used in bath therapy and can also be used locally along with lotus oil, or in a cream or lotion or gel base with Lotus essence added. The essence augments the effectiveness of Aromatherapy, Magnetotherapy Homoeopathy and Tissue salts, and is also used on acupressure points.

©Drs. Atul and Rupa Shah

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