Therapy blockages

Why do people refuse to accept being helped?


Self-Heal – Prunella vulgaris
Self-Heal has always been a herbal remedy used for health purposes although it has been almost forgotten since modern medicine succeeded. Anyway this plant has her own aroma-oil and other healthy ingredients. The plant herself is rather small, becomes hardly taller than 20 cm, grows on meadows and flowers from May to October. Its flowers are somewhat between brown and violet. Its German name Braunelle reminds you of the colour „brown“. In former times a „brown throat“ was the name for what today is called „tonsillitis“. The tea made of Self-Heal was perscribed for gurgling in cases of throat inflammation. The plant made its way from Europe to America and was first used to prepare an essence by the Californian Flower Essence Society. They gave it the name „Self-Heal“, which tells us a lot about its essence‘s qualities. In Europe it has several other common names that all focus on its abilities to cure wounds. E.g. the German name „Zimmermannskraut“  means „carpenters‘ herb“. Carpenters used to use the plant to stop their injuries bleeding.

Self-Heal was used as a herbal remedy for intestinal worms, digestion problems, infections, kidney- and gallbladder stones and most important injuries. North American natives combined Self-Heal with catmint and drank a tea made from both as a  mild laxative. They were also convinced  that Self-Heal tea improves the perception when going hunting.

Now Self-Heal has been used for more than 30 years as a flower essence and we do know a lot about this really universal remedy:

  • You can use her for balancing combinations, like when you try to treat the helpless dictator, a rare case of Vine and Centaury mixed in one person. When you have to cope with inconsistent personalities Self-Heal make the combination harmonious and more effective, since it brings the person back into his center.
  • In general it makes any combination more effective, because it simply switches on the inner motivation to recover and get well again.
  • Self-Heal dissolves the major blockages to recovering. Sometimes everything seems right and you feel you chose the appropriate combination, but for some unknown reasons it does not work. However there are reasons, even if you should not discover them at first sight. One of them could be a lack of self-acceptance, some people do not love nor like themselves, beyond that some of them find themselves even disgusting. Now why should someone start working on healing of a person, she or he does not even like? The lack of motivation can be caused by a lack of self-worth. In other cases people feel better, when they are ill: they can avoid uncomfortable situations (like having to go to a boring and/or exhausting job) or the get something from the illness: more attention, more support, more love. So why would they get well again?
  • A special kind of inner blockage is an addiction. The addiction secretly changes some of one‘s inner functions and values without letting one know. Craving for the stuff becomes so strong that you forget all your original values like love and friendship. Now you lie to your loved ones and steal their money to get your next dose and so on. What was important (like good food, good sleep, being in nature, having a social life etc.), will be forgotton and will not count any longer.  And then of course there are the horrors of withdrawal – why should I do this? Only to get rid of what was my only support? Self-Heal is not a special anti-drug essence, but it helps with self-acceptance even when my teeth are black and my arm like leather. Without self-acceptance all treatment will fail.

Self-Heal can be used to treat self-doubt and confusion and it also helps to free oneself from negative and rigid behaviour patterns. It is a cleansing remedy that removes mental and emotional dross from psyche and soul, so I recommend to use it for treating chronic diseases. Self-Heal improves the effects of any other essence, brings new motivation and strengthens the immunesystem.

Wild Oat

Wild Oat – Bromus ramosus
And this is the one among the Bach Flowers, that can help getting started in unclear cases. Wild Oat can be used in the very first dosage bottle for people, who internally stop the well chosen essences from taking effects.

Some clients have a lot to tell, they suffer from so many problems and symptoms that you cannot find the clue. The essence of their illness is hard to find like the needle in the haystack. You may think this client needs 20 or more essences for all his different symptoms. On the other hand we know from the first scientific research by Michael Weisglas, who wrote his thesis about the best number of essences in dosage bottles, that taking more than 6 essences at the same time can trigger some major first reactions, which in his study made the clients stop taking essences at all. It seems one‘s body, mind and soul are overwhelmed by too much energetic input, so we rather make it step by step and do not rush the treatment. Simply try to sort out, what is not accurate in the present moment. Then start with a combination focussed on the current situation. Perhaps someone is often anxious, but in the moment he feels angry – then give him something to cope with his anger first, before you start trying to work with his fears.

Anyway in some cases the amount of somehow contradictory signs, signals and symptoms cause confusion in the practitioner. But don‘t give up too early, better try to get out of the stuck state with a combination of Wild Oat and Star of Bethlehem for about two weeks, before you see your client again. After this period symptoms should be much clearer and easier to cope with.

Star of Bethlehem

Star of Bethlehem – Ornithogallum umbellatum
This is the second helper in ‚hopeless cases‘. If you carry some unfinished business from your past with you, it will take you back to the original trauma from time to time, in dreams, in similar situations and whenever something happens that reminds you of the trauma. The trauma needs to be dealt with, before you will be able to leave it behind and focus fully on the present. Don‘t let emotional and psychological anchors keep you in the past and prevent you from enjoying the present and the future – they won‘t be a real present and a real future, but rather varieties of what happened in the past. These anchors keep you sticking to pain and defeat. If you want to free yourself from former injuries so that you will not have to repeat them again and again, you may need the help of Star of Bethlehem. This is the essence to remove pain from the past, to make you face it and then let it go off. This makes you much stronger, because now you know you can succeed, there is no more need to deny problems and pain. You can make it and you know it.

The combination of all three makes a good starter-essence: frees from pain from the past, clears the confusion, motivates and focusses on what you really want to achieve (not what you really want to avoid).

©Dirk Albrodt

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