Inner beliefs and polarities

Our inner beliefs mirror our inner reality – no matter if they match the outer reality or not. Sometimes there are even conflicts between both like when somebody of almost 2 m height feels and behaves like a dwarf (one of my patients). Another one feels dumb, but handles his life much better than many intellectual geniusses. A third one feels so ugly and ignores, how others look at her admiringly. Of course there are many inner beliefs that make our lives better, nobodyo wants to change them. Flower essences are used to bring new energy into areas of our lives, where we are stuck or somehow blocked off our vitality. And this is what this article is about: how to overcome sabotaging beliefs and inner polarities resulting from them.

Double-binds: Do the best to get the worst

The Bach flower essences are designed to affect our emotions. When someone feels anxious or angry, we can help him cope with these feelings by giving him one of the approriate essences like Mimulus or Holly, no matter what the reason for their appearance was. Many of the essences developed long after Bach‘s death however affect the inner or core beliefs, that lead to such emotions.

In order to work successfully with inner beliefs it is necessary to understand how beliefs and emotions relate and affect each other. The origin of our beliefs lies always in the emotional realm, but after we have unconsciously decided to adapt a special belief, it work as a director of our emotions. The is no one-way street inside.

Let us take a look at an example: the young man was around 28, when we met first. He was an athlete, whose parents tried to motivate him and help him improve by permanently critisizing him – meant as encouragement but what he felt was humiliation. Whenever he succeeded in improving his results, his parents reminded him of the many others who were still better than he was. At last he was unable to enjoy his athletics, but still put much effort in it just to demonstrate his parents that his performance was valuable. However his caeer ended with a bad injury of his knee and without any gold medal. Unconsciously he created the belief, that even what he could do best would never be good enough for his parents and the result was: „I shall never be good enough in doing anything.“ A lack of appreciation combined with humiliating criticism injured him on a core level of his being and lead to a belief, which could have become a lasting blockage without treatment. All what he expected of his life at that point was mediocrity. You see how an emotional injury lead to a limiting inner belief.

Willowherb - Heals the trauma caused by success

One of the laws in regard of inner beliefs is, that they can be created by one single traumatic experience or a series of less traumatic experiences, that sum up to the same result.

Let me give you another example in order to illustrate how one single trauma can create a belief, that can change one‘s life forever. This is a special case, since it highlights a psychological phenomenon called ‚double-bind‘.

Scleranthus - A Bach anti-double-bind remedy

This case, too, comes from the world of sports. The young boy wanted to qualify for the national athletics championships, but first he had to prove how good he was. The regionals became the most important shot put competition of his life. All his family and friends attended when the competetion came to the point he had to make the final try. He put all his effort, all his concentration and all his energy into this single throw. And how he did! Not noticing his little four year old brother having come too close the shot hit him on the head and he died before the ambulance could take him to the hospital. The resulting belief was ‚Whenever I put all much effort into something I shall hurt and kill a loved one.‘ He never put any effort in anything again and joined the society of the mediocre just like the above mentioned fellow sportsman.

In both cases it was an emotional – one single and one often repeated – trauma, which lead to the limiting belief. The best way to treat this core level is to combine an essence, that works on the emotional level, with another one working on the level of inner beliefs. Those people who insist in the purity of flower essence lines and never combine Bach with other
flower essences, miss a great opportunity to help and heal their clients.

On the other hand belief create emotions. They work just like an inner compass keeping you on course – even when the course is a self-damaging one. Whenever one tries to find a new direction the belief creates feelings of fear or whatever in order to keep the old one. Just offer one of the mentioned men a good job, they will immediately sense a feeling of
being not good enough or having to hurt someone else in order to be successfull. And they will certainly find excuses for  not facing the new challenge.

Such beliefs also make people act in a way, that confirms the belief is right and appropriate. They may even apply for the job, but will be so nervous that another candidate will get it, and they will feel something like ‚I knew I would not be good enough‘.

Mimulus - to shy to try

Beliefs can also block all therapeutic efforts, no matter how hard one tries to change. Double-binds make you feel to be caught on the horns of a dilemma. Whatever you try, it will always lead to failure. People connect things internally, although there is no causal connection at all.


  • if I get, what I want, it will turn out to make me feel bad
  • if I get, what I want, it will turn out to make someone else feel bad
  • if I find a lover, he will beat me
  • if I am successful, my family will have to suffer
  • if I put too much effort in something, I shall hurt or even kill somebody

When it comes to take a decision, such beliefs will make you feel paralysed. You are unable to do anything, you are simply stuck. A Bach flower therapist will then prescribe you one of the Bach essences for the indecisive. But will it work with an inner resistance to change? Most of the people suffering from double-binds react at first, but then fall back into their old pattern. They need a combination of three essences.

One of them has to be one of the Bach flower range against indecisiveness. However you need to heal the original trauma, so Star of Bethlehem or Willowherb or a similar working essence has to be added. When the trauma took place in the childhood I recommend Amble Willowherb. But then comes the most important essence, that has to be added: Quince. Quince is the essence to get us out of the trap.

Quince - leave the double-bind behind

Quince brings us back to our natural inner rhythm of sleeping and being awake, of acting and relaxing or to make it short: Quince harmonizes our Yin and Yang. This essences works in and with the heart, it brings the forces of the mind and emotions together in one place and balances them. It helps to leave the stuck state, the inner trap of opposing polarities
and can be the starting point for the healing process and inner growth.

©Dirk Albrodt

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