Social Anxiety

Marion Leigh throws Light and Love on a common problem of the fear of public speaking.

Social anxiety is a problem I have been battling with personally all my life. My family and friends were surprised when I revealed this about myself.  This is because I have either managed to overcome the extremes of this condition, or I have been able to ‘mask’ it. I hope it is the former.

Throughout my childhood, adolescence and early twenties, I was frightened to death of ‘performance’ situations, and would do anything and everything to avoid them. When there was no running away from it, I was so traumatized I would inevitably perform badly, and the fear and humiliation would send me into shock and withdrawal.

In my mid twenties my life’s circumstances offered me opportunities to overcome. I was forced to face my fears and anxiety through what is referred to in modern psychotherapy as ‘exposure’ therapy.  (Please refer to last month’s special feature on Specific Phobia). I also took my first flower essence at that time which I know played its part in my transformation.

The single most outstanding flower essence in the FFE range for this condition is SEA HOLLY, our featured essence this month. This essence brings out the courage to be more adventurous and outgoing while releasing the fear of saying or doing the wrong thing and hence being judged negatively.

The combination flower essence to consider is VOICE CONFIDENCE which contains Sea Holly and other essences that help in overcoming self-created barriers, inhibitions or fears related to performance, self-expression and confidence.  See our featured combination this month for all the flowers essences in this formula.

There are a few other combination formulas that might be considered, for acute symptoms. Firstly, FIRST AID which gives fast immediate relief in any crisis and contains Daisy to help soothe the nervous system and to feel safe, Scottish Primrose to help to relax, Bell Heather to foster confidence and trust by staying firmly grounded, and Thistle to counteract the ‘flight/fight’ response when reacting to events and fears that are not life threatening.

Then there’s CALM ME DOWN with essences that help to calm down the emotional body and clearing the way for intelligent creative activity.

Long-term social anxiety issues will not disappear overnight with a single dose of any flower essence. The fundamental cause of any disorder is a block to the soul or psyche’s expression through the person’s life. Negative attitudes cause disease, such as conflict between a person and things occurring in the environment. Therefore, when we are addressing social or any anxiety disorders we need to look to causes, and these can be unravelled through ongoing flower essence therapy. Even then, flower essences do not get rid of the fear. But well chosen, they help us to find the courage to move forward in our lives even though we may be afraid. 

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