Blackberry - Understand What You See

Blackberry - Brombeere – Rubus fruticosus

It is a big step from just seeing to understanding, which Blackberry helps us to make.


Blackberry supports our eyesight. Children have a limited visual field. It is not easy for them to not only perceive depth but interpret it correctly. Blackberry improvestheir vision and is a good partner essence for Calendula – Ringelblume (improves hearing and listening), Pineapple Weed – Strahlenlose Kamille (improves movement and sense of balance) and Touch-Me-Not-Balsam – Echtes Springkraut (sense of touch).

Usually it takes a while until one recognizes that a child has a visual defect (myself I was almost 11!). They simply cannot tell it their parents or teachers, since they cannot compare their vision to others'. When you always look like through a film, you find it normal. You do not know what other see and notice.


Those of you, who are familiar with muscle testing, have an easy to use method to find out whether the child need Blackberry or not. Just tell the child to look in every direction, watch something close and something far, too, and test his or her muscle. Is there any line of sight, that weakens the muscle? Then give the child a bottle of Blackberry in her or his hand and test again. In most cases the muscle will be strong now.

Joachim-Ernst Behrendt, a German journalist and expert of jazz music, who unfortunately died not too long ago in a car accident, in his later years became an expert of everything concerning the skill to listen. He once said: the ear leads the world into the human, the eye leads the human into the world.

It means, that when we notice with our eyes something attractive we move towards it and want to touch it. When we listen, we become passive and perhaps close our eyes to improve our listening.


You see, a good sight motivates to move and become active. Those whose eyes do not work the way they should, get less impulses from the outer world, move less than others and become passive. They lack motivation.

Blackberry improves our eyesight and by doing so brings new vitality. Even when one is bored and lethargic, one would get up and do something with a little help of this essence. Blackberry motivates and activates. And it makes us notice what we are doing.

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