Pineapple Weed - Learn How to Learn

Strahlenlose Kamille – Pineapple Weed  – Matricaria discoidea

Strahlenlose Kamille

Steve Johnson, maker of the Alaskan flower essences, once told me, this flower‘s smell reminds us of pineapples. Perhaps this is right regarding the Alaskan Pineapple Weed, the European one however smells similar to Chamomile. Not the slightest sign of Pineapple, so I usually avoid her American name, since it does not seem appropriate on this side of the ocean. From  a pharmacist‘s point of view Strahlenlose Kamille is less worth than Chamomile, since its essential oil misses the pharmacologically effective ingredient Azulen. Anyway since we are not interested in measurable ingredients but a flower‘s energy, it does not matter to us at all.

Strahlenlose Kamille grows on field-paths where it is run over by tractors every day. Often it is the only plant that survives in such places. It simply stands up again like Chumbawamba sing in their popsong „I get knocked down, but I get up again, you never going to keep me down.“ Could be Stahlenlose Kamille‘s themesong.

The field Strahlenlose Kamille works in is learning, but please do not mistake learning for learning by heart. I mean learning as a way to integrate new skills and abilities. New skills must become parts of our personalities, then they can change our self image and raise our self-esteem. This makes the difference between ourselves and robots, our learning can take place on the soul level.

Strahlenlose Kamille

Learning starts the very day we are born and lesson 1 says, we have to be active. Being feeded by our umbilical cord does not work anymore. Now it is up to ourselves to take action in order to get satisfied. Not very much later we get our teeth and we change from sucklers to chewers. The lesson that lies within this next step is to honor aggressiveness. We have to learn to bite.

Young children have a very special perspective. Imagine you would still have to crawl on the floor, you would see everything from below and make out your parents by their chins. Once the child has picked himself up and learned how to stand on his own feet, the world looks quite differently. For the first time he is able to notice what before was hidden e.g. what lies on the table. That may sound banal to you, but nevertheless it is the simple truth. If a child should stick to a toddler‘s behaviour, you can be sure he has not yet adapted to the new perspective.

To make it short: whenever the mind and body change, our psyche has to adapt to the new situation. With every new skill our self-consciousness and independence grows. We do not loose anything, but add and integrate something new to and into our personality. Only the ones who use to „forget“ about how the world looks like when watching it from the ground and are no longer in touch with their inner child, they are the losers, since they do not understand children. They have no idea what is going on in 30% of the world‘s population, their neighbourhood and even their own families. Such people could profit a lot from taking one of the archetypal essences for reunion with their inner child.

Strahlenlose Kamille

The next step has a bitter lessen. Usually we learn by success: we try something, it works, o how wonderful, from now on we shall make  it this way. In most cases learning works this way, but now it is not success, but failure that teaches us. We learn to walk. If you should have the opportunity to watch a child learning, do not miss it. He falls down again and again, but never gives up – just like Strahlenlose Kamille‘s signatur shows us. But then he pulls himself up, takes his hands off whatever he was clinging on and – he stands, what a success. Then comes his first step. He takes his left foot und moves it a couple of centimeters forward. Success again! But what will happen, if he has learned by success? He repeats his left foot‘s movement and falls to the ground. It is the first time in everyone‘s life that we have no chance to learn by success. We have to learn by failure. Only if we notice that we have to do something different, we shall successfully walk around without having to fall again and again.

You see the lesson contains more than you may have assumed. The lesson also prepares us for further ones, since it helps with the coordination of our left and right brain, which is essentiell for learning to read and write. If you want to know if your own child integrated this major lesson, watch him. Whever he makes a step with his left foot, a movement of his right arm should help to keep the balance. Some people swing the arm on the same side, which makes the impression as if they were walking on a ship in a storm. The axis of their bodies swing in order to compensate the missing left-right coordination of hands and feet. There is not just children walking this way, try to watch people when they are going out for walk, and you shall notice there are more people walking this way than you may have expected. Fortunately we can integrate this lesson even when we have grown up. Why not do it with the help of Strahlenlose Kamille.

Strahlenlose Kamille

Later we learn how to swim and bike and then to read and write. The latter makes the next major turning point in our lives. Once you have learned to read you can never pretend not to be able. You cannot even ‚not read‘. Just go to the supermarket. Could you pretend not to understand what these letters s – u – p – e – r – m – a – r – k – e – t  mean? You cannot not. You must read the word and understand it, like it or not. There is no chance to step back and pretend being a child unable to read. It is your brain, that presumes you want to understand all what is written down and does it all for you.

People suffering from dyslexia often write single letters as if the were mirrored –  „mirrored“ can look like „mirroreb“. When the left and right brain are well coordinate, mistakes like that do not happen. The root of this mistake can be found in the time when the person learned to walk. Kinesiologists ‚prescribe‘ such people a special training, they have to exercise the left-right coordination e.g. by touching the left foot with their right hand and vice versa for a couple of minutes every day, until the brain has integrated the message.

Not long after having learned reading there comes a big shock: there is something going on with our genitals. Again you cannot go back to the times before, you cannot pretend not to be a sexual being. Ok, some people try to, but they have to pay for it by developing anorexia. (Healthy people can never understand, how one could prefer the suffering from hunger to the pleasures of sex – but you cannot ignore this phenomen happens.) How easy life was in times when you thought „boys resp. girls are stupid“, now you feel tempted to reconsider your belief – at least in one or two cases. If you should try to stick to pre-puberty, you will definitely become ill.

Whenever our body changes, our whole being has to change. Such a change e.g. can be caused by an accident, that leaves one handicapped and makes a shift of one‘s self-image necessary. But there are also a lot of natural changes, e.g. caused by pregnancy and menopause. You can integrate the experience or become depressed. Remember: adaptability is the keyword for Strahlenlose Kamille.

This flower essence helps us whenever we face such a major turning point in our lives. She supports our flexibility, adaptability, coordination and stamina. When we want to take on new skill, she makes everything easier – no matter if it is figure skating, pole-vault or whatever. You may fall to the ground yet, but you will stand up immediately. Nobody and nothing keeps you down. Your inner calmness gives you the necessary stability to face any challenge. Your sense of balance will be enhanced, and whether you are a dancer or not, you learn how to easily dance through your life.

When I learned driving a car more than 30 years ago, I drove my teacher crazy. Then it was too much for me to switch on the blinker, press the clutch, press the brake, change the gear, turn the steering-wheel and look back over my shoulder – and all this at the same time! It was a little overwhelming. If I only would have known about Strahlenlose Kamille, my driving license would have been a little less expensive...

Strahlenlose Kamille makes learning a game.

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