Touch-Me-Not Balsam - Original Trust

Echtes Springkraut – Impatiens noli-tangere - Touch-Me-Not Balsam

Echtes Springkraut is a sister plant to Impatiens, the well known Bach flower (Impatiens glandulifera). This one however is our endemic species, while Impatiens originates from the Himalayan and was brought to Europe little longer than 100 years ago.

Echtes Springkraut

Touch-Me-Not Balsam‘s signature is easy to understand, e.g. it only grows in the shadow. The tendency to hide herself becomes even more obvious when you see how she covers her flowers with green leaves. Above each flower appears a normal leaf which protects the flower from views and even the sunlight. Anyway a closer look at its yellow flower is worthwhile. When you look what is inside, you notice little red dots looking as if they were falling out of the flower like riches from a horn of plenty. So she has riches, but obviously does not know them or estimates them very low. She is not proud of what she has to give. When her fruits ripen they get bigger and bigger and because of the water inside the pressure rises more and more until it only needs a raindrop to let them explode and fire her seeds up to 5 m. That why she is called „Touch-Me-Not Balsam“ - she does not like being touched! Or pretends to...

Echtes Springkraut

The signature is one of a plant, which seems to be ashamed of itself. She has beauty and riches, but does not seem to be aware of both. And beyond that she does not trust anyone. You who approach the plant get fired on with seeds – no matter if your intentions are good or not. People in need of this flower‘s essence behave the very same way..

They make it hard for everyone to come close. No matter how nice you try to be, make compliments or bring gifts – they are unable to appreciate this. They simply cannot accept the idea, someone wants to be nice to them. Something must be wrong, they know it and they know it for certain. Try to say something like „What you did was sooo good!“ Any idea what you will get in return? „Oh no, at this or that point I made mistakes, I could have done it much better than I did!“ or something similar. „You look so nice today!“ - forget it! All you will get is „oh no, its just my new make up“. Beautiful clothes? Not worth being mentioned, be sure it was a seasonal sale or special offer or whatever. Anything but beautiful, of course. How can one develop such an attitude? Let us go back to the beginning of everyone‘s life:

I hope you can agree when I say that it is every human being‘s natural right to be welcome on Earth? Well, then the question may be allowed, why we welcome them in such a cruel way. Imagine a long awaited guest arrives at last and we are so happy. We express our happy feelings by saying hello and hugging him, offer something to drink and a place amidst us. Right? In most cases yes, only when our guest is extremely helpless and vulnerable we prefer to create a most uncomfortable environment for him put him naked on a balance, keep the light dazzling and at last prick his foot with a needle: Welcome to our cruel world! This is all for the best of you – you may have vitamin k deficiency. Who of us, who survived the harsh welcome, would not say ‚Thanks for the invitation, I better go now‘ when something this happens to us today? Out beloved little ones however cannot return to where they came from. They have no choice but to stand the medical science‘s insensitivity.

Echtes Springkraut

It seems however in the end science has noticed the meaning of being touched. Right after worldwar II (only 100,000 years after the first appearance of a human being on Earth) physicians in the New York Bellevue Hospital found out that more babies died in orphan-asylums than in families. Beyond that they discovered the reason for it and ‚prescribed‘ the babies to be touched and cuddled by the nurses. Of course the effects had to be proven scientifically – else their observations would be useless. So they chose to take away new born rats from their mothers, put them in two groups and pat the members of one group with a brush, while the others had to care for themselves. Can you guess in which of both groups the survival rate was higher?

Thank God, at last our scientists found out what no common human being ever would have imagined in his wildest dreams ... the importance of taking each other in the arms. But let us return to our flower essence. There are children who miss the original experience of being welcome, loved and cared for, and these children develop behaviour patterns based upon their typical belief of being absolutely worthless.

Children see the world from a very special self-centered perspective. This is natural and healthy, helps with growing up and changes around the age of 5. Children cover their eyes with their hands and think nobody can see them. This is an example of the ego-centered perspective. So it is quite natural for children to believe they were responsible when the parents quarrel. And what if a baby feels hungry, cries and nobody comes? In such cases they feel not even being worth living, since nobody cares. And this is the very way they behave later on in their lives. Of course one day each of us has to face the challenge of recognizing that even our beloved parents are not perfect. But when the experience comes repeatedly a very strong belief arises in us and handicaps us for the rest of our lives.

Echtes Springkraut

People with such an inner belief never really learn to distinguish people meaning well and others not doing so. Their behaviour is often paradox  and they let people approach, who do not treat them well, and push away others who may even be in love with them. Sometimes they do not even notice someone likes them, since in their world there is no such possibility: Who the hell would ever like or even love a worthless being?

So they have abusive relationships, but slink away when someone really is in love with them. They simply cannot cope with the idea they could be lovable. When they are touched, they react as if they are hurt. They explode just like the flowers‘ seedpods. There is so much tension inside of them, they never feel comfortable unless they are alone. When they try to let go off this tension they often end up in self-abandonment or rage, when all the old wounds break open and release an enormous amount of anger and fury. Both is not a real pleasure and result from being unable to enjoy being touched.

Paradox behaviour is one of the essential signs of people in need of Touch-Me-Not Balsam. They know how it feels to be taken advantage of or being abused, they have learned to cope with it, so there is no problem for them to let abusive persons come close. But when someone takes a liking to them, it really feels dangerously. They shut themselves off or beat back the person coming too close. This guarantees they will never have a happy and fullfilling relationship in their life, if they have one at all. And this in return proves their belief of being worthless is right. Kind of self-fullfilling prophecy.

The essence of Touch-Me-Not Balsam integrates the basic experience of being welcome and loved for no obvious reason, simply because one is there and deserves to be loved – even when this was not the case when one was a child. This experience is essential for developing self-esteem. But please do not believe that everyone missing this experience was abused. Often when parents divorce or a parent has no job or other problems arise, it handicaps the family and keeps the parents from caring for their children they way they should and want to, the result can be the same. Perhaps a parent dies in an accident – shall his child suffer for the rest of his life?

Echtes Springkraut

Touch-Me-Not Balsam brings forth the original trust, many of us are missing so desperately. This essences teaches us that we have a right to love and be loved, to be accepted the way we are and learn how it feels to be happy.

I recommend this essence for external use, too. Many people develop tension in their muscles when they are touched, even when they have agreed to it. A combination of Dandelion and Touch-Me-Not Balsam is a wonderful remedy for massage. Dandelion relaxes the muscles and Touch-Me-Not Balsam relaxes the mind. Now you can enjoy the profit from being touched.

© Dirk Albrodt

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