Cherry - Pure Joy

Kirsche – Prunus avium - Cherry

Cherry is a member of the Rose family. The tree can grow up to 30m. The flowers are of an almost transparent bright white, they appear in April and May. Our Mamboya Cherry essence was made in Italy.


Cherry originates from Asia. When 74 b.C. the Roman general Lucullus defeated King Mithridates he destroyed a town on  the Black Sea shore called Cerasus, where he found a Cherry tree he brought to Rome where it became a kind of mother tree to more than 300 cultivated species later. The English name Cherry as well the French one Cerise point to that town where the tree was found.

Anyway there is no need to go to Italy to prepare such an essence, it was more or less ‚by accident‘ that I made the essence close to the place the first European Cherry tree was planted.

Cherries have been used for healing purposes for centuries. Sweet cherries can be used as a mild laxative, dried sour cherries make a soothing drink that reduces fever and a tea made of cherry stalks makes a good cough remedy for children.


The Essence

Cherry is for people who are dominated by reason and live too much in their heads, not in their bodies. Such people only accept the criteria of logic and loose their contact to the other aspects of life, to all they find irrational and childish. They have lost their enthusiasm and zest for life, they have no fun and feel an inability to laugh and enjoy themselves. I cannot remember a single case that someone told me ‚I have forgotton how to feel pain‘, most patients instead tell me, they have completely forgotton how to have fun, they cannot even enjoy things they once loved. They compensate by judging others for their inappropriate behaviour when they burst out laughing – although they are beyond the age of 10.

Cherry is also for the ones, who have fallen in love or want to. Cherry brings back the sparkle into our lives, she teaches to laugh and enjoy even our everyday routine. Perhaps you do not love cleaning the windows – but Cherry motivates you to do it yet since it shows how wonderful it can be when the sunrays come in again. Where is the greyness and boredem, when a loved one stands right behind that very window? Cherry helps to enjoy every moment in your life without judging.

If you have given up and truly believe, you will never ever again find a new love, there is one special remedy for you...  When your body feels numb, you are always tired, suffer from tension in your neck and belly, experience headache and impaired vision, Cherry is the right essence for you.


But is this not an article about children?
Yes it is. It is nothing but a waste of time to explain children what laughing means. But if they should forget it and grow up, they later watch children playing, having fun and laugh like through bullet-proof glass. They see them without being touched. Children however discover the comic wherever they are, often they cannot even explain themselve what is so funny about something, they burst out laughing simply because they love to. They do not need any special reason.

And that is exactly what Cherry is about. It brings you everything back you may have been missing for so long. The magic lies in the fact that you do not even need a reason to be happy, no successfull business transaction, no lottery‘s jackpot and no promotion. You simply gain back your love of life, your ability to enjoy yourself no matter how the circumstances are. You enjoy being yourself. Cherry makes it as simple as that. Enjoyment is a basic experience in life. Children who do not have fun in their lives, sometimes reduce their life to its mental aspects – they do not want to feel anything, because feeling means pain to them. Many things can lead them to thsi unconscious conclusion: divorce of their parents or alcoholism in the family or having to work to early or having to take too much responsibility too early in their lives. Children whose everyday life is as boring, grey and full of routine like the ones of the grown ups – these children definitly need the tickle in their heads that Cherry can provide them with.

But there is still another aspect of this essence I like to mention: Cherry improves our health. This essences fosters our immune system and stimulates our inner ability to recover. Not too long ago the American physician Norman Cousins wrote the story of his life in a best selling book, I do not know the English title, but in German is was called „The inner doctor“. Cousins suffered from a severe and most painful disease of his nervous system, which he cured by watching old Stan and Ollie movies. He literally laughed away his pain.

Today in many hospitals they have clowns (of course especially in their children‘s ward, but I am sure it will not take too long until they find out that laughing is helpful for adults as well), who go from room to room telling jokes and tickle the children and so reduce the length of their stay in hospital as well as the pain they feel. Laughing seems the appropriate means even in very bad cases.


If you have to go through radiation therapy or something similar or have to do painful gymnastics after an sccident in order to regain control of you arms and legs, Cherry is the perfect enhancer of all kinds of scientific medical treatment.
Perhaps you are familiar with the concept of reflexology. It says that every part of the body and every organ is reflected in every other organ, so you find reflexzones in the ear (their use is known as ear acupuncture) and in the soles of your feet and on you back and elsewhere. And laughing has such a special reflexzone one can activate by massaging Cherry into it. You do not believe? Then try the following:

Remember at least three most funny things in your life and try to remember them with all your senses, you will feel an impuls where laughing starts somewhere in your body. Perhaps it comes from the belly, perhaps form another point. Most of the people I treated with Cherry have their ‚laughing zone‘ in their hearts, but that does not necessarily mean it has to be there. I had one patients whose laughing started in his knee (no joke). In the end it does not matter at all, where the individual finds his or her laughing zone in the body.


When you have found the reflexzone you can utilize it as a tool for healing yourself. (If you find it difficult to find it, consult a kinesiologist and ask him for a body scan, while you think of something very funny) No matter if you have developed cancer or another serious disease: take Cherry internally and apply it externally on your laughing zone as well. You will find the medical treatment less exhausting and it will not take as long as without Cherry. And ignore the fact that everyone expects you to be suffering and complaing. You can decide how to face the challenge. If you should decide to face it with a smile, you will find Cherry most helpful.

©Dirk Albrodt

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