Bougainvillea - Enter the Dreamworld

Bougainvillea spectabilis

Many things we use to do work much better when we are in a kind of trance state, e.g. when making music, painting or work in our garden or whatsoever.

Bougainvillea is the poet among the flower essences.


Her essence works on getting involved in one‘s own phantasy that it feels like real, which is a necessary step to make creative imagery and hypnosis work, to consider the impossible, to accept the unacceptable, to enjoy the little miracles in one‘s everyday life, which are so often overlooked. Did you ever think about somebody who calls you that very moment on the phone? Did you ever see faces and  watch movies in the clouds or in the flames of a fire? Then you have an idea of what Bougainvillea is all about.


Bougainvillea makes the common something inspiring and wonderful, she finds the sparkle in the greyness of your everyday routine, she makes us able to enjoy playing simple games. Losing this ability reduces our life to meaningless struggle for material things, which of course are the basics of existence, but what is a joke without a laugh? Bougainvillea makes everything more interesting and attractive, she makes us feel like on a trip to an adventure, when we just go to work. She fills the boring emptiness with little miracles.

Animals do not talk to us and we don‘t talk the them (except for „sit“), and why should we? Animals are stupid, they follow their instincts and do not know what emotions are. Right? So the ones among us, who are in need of Bougainvillea, simply ignore the meaning when our dog comes to comfort us when we are sad, or our cats lays herself down on our aching spot and send her healing waarmth. Most animals do not need Bougainvillea, they do what they find appropriate no matter if we believe in their sixth sense or not. But many of us do! Those who ignore their inner abilities do!


Bougainvillea is for children who are often in trouble because of their daydreaming. In contrast to the Bach flower Clematis, that grounds us and wakes us up, Bougainvillea helps us enjoy and appreciate daydreaming. We learn to use it in a way that makes sense and we profit from daydreaming as a kind of inner training, like many train their bodies but leave it up to the mind what it does – mostly repeat earlier discussions and a list of have-tos or whatever. Myself I prefer an inner management sponsored by Bougainvillea instead of suffering from repeating thoughts, which makes White Chestnut necessary. Be proud of your inner world. This is Bougainvillea‘s message.

Whithout phantasy our world would turn to a cube, since our plans would be easier to realize and our machines hate curves, but do love straight lines and right angles. Bougainvillea strengthens the children‘s ability to stand up for the right to dream, for their right to be unpunctual, for their right to dance to their own rhythm.


This essence helps us to remember our creative side. If you want to write a love letter and what comes out reminds you of a tax declaration, then you are desperately in need of Bougainvilla! Do not think this essence interferes with your logical and analytical abilities, on the contrary she adds something new, a creative, funny, magical, sensual and inspiring component. Once you have adapted this ability it is still up to you to decide whether you like to to be rational or silly. Be the director of your own life, but do not leave out its magical aspects.


Let your inner child discover magical worlds where other see a street or a field. Bougainvillea enhances your meditation, she helps with guided imagery as well as shamanic travelling. Bougainvillea makes you love to flirt with everyday life!

©Dirk Albrodt

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