Little Primrose – Don‘t Be Afraid of The Dark

Little Primrose – Kleine Nachtkerze – Oenothera parviflora

This plant‘s German name means ‚candle in the night‘ translated into English. It opens its flowers in the late afternoon. They only bloom for 24 hours and then fade. This gives us the hint at children with a paradoxical day-night-rhythm. Babies who sleep all day long just to keep their parents awake at night can be helped (and their parents, too). Pineapple Weed (Strahlenlose Kamille) can do this, too, but it works on a different level.

Little Primrose‘s sister plant is Evening Primrose, much better known in the flower essence world. She has very similar qualities. Both work on the level of illusions and projections. Both make us strong enough to take a view on our dark sides, into the shadow as some people call it. Who dares? Who is courageous enough to enter the dark cellar? Who is unafraid of taking a look at the corner behind the cupboard where the monsters usually hide and make those frightening noises, that reminds you of ... the unspeakable?

Little Primrose

What is real, what is phantasy? Do you know? And who believes mom, when she tells us „there is nothing behind that curtain, I took a look myself“ - when everybody knows mothers are unable to see monsters...

Actually the ghosts do not dance in the shadows, they dance inside our heads. Their shadows are merely projections created by our phantasy, our fears and our thoughts. During childhood we are not always sure what is dream and what is reality. This is due to our so-called ‚magical thinking‘, which is typical for children younger than 5. There is no border between phantasy and reality, so children are able to switch from one to the other without recognizing. They look like being absent-minded, but only a minute later they are active and busy again. ‚Magical thinking‘ also means egocentrical perspective. I am the center of the world. I cry – mama comes, it‘s as easy as this. I close my eyes – and disappear. When growing up children learn how to watch things from different perspectives, and this makes a big fear bearable.

Little Primrose

The terrifying I notice outside myself thus has its origin inside! The bad guy, who follows me in my worst dreams, exists as a product of my own mind. My unconscious uses the picture of the bad guy in order to show me something while I am asleep. There is a people in Asia living on one of the Malaysian islands, who is called Senoi. The Senoi have cultivated dreaming for centuries, dreams are part of the culture and play an important role in their everyday life. When the family meets for breakfast all tell what the experienced last night. This makes is easy to learn how to remember one‘s dreams. For the Senoi dreaming and remembering dreams is simply natural. Nothing one has to train. Of course, their children have bad dreams from time to time, however their parents teache them how to cope. When hunted by a wild tiger, don‘t run! This makes the tiger stronger. Turn around instead, face the danger, offer something to eat and make the tiger your friend. That is the way to make a threatening animal an inner supporter. Every dream makes you a little stronger this way. Dreams become a source of power.

Once you have met your inner tiger and learned he can be a powerful friend, you will experience much less fear in your daily life. Most things are less dangerous than you expected in the first place. Little Primrose lightens the night and the darkness. She bring courage and safety. If your children are overly anxious and lacking self-consciousness – try Little Primrose. Little Primrose makes anxious little children strong little children.

©Dirk Albrodt

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