Clematis – Grounding For The Daydreaming Child

Waldrebe – Clematis – Clematis vitalba

This flower belongs to the famous flower essences first discovered by Dr. Edward Bach himself.  Waldrebe has something in common with Drüsentragendes Springkraut (Impatiens) because Edward Bach discovered their qualities by observing the plants AFTER their flowering season. Impatiens has these exploding seedpods, which gives us the key to a certain kind of persons of an "exploding" nature, who easily become impatient. Clematis however has fruits that reminds us of a spiderweb, that has been woven around a magic castle (or so). The keywords for Clematis are magic and phantasy.


Clematis is a children‘s remedy as well as a personality essence. Peter Damian says in astrology it is the essence for cancer-personalities. This essence is for people with too much phantasy - but don‘t get me wrong: no essence can turn a personality into its opposite. Clematis will never change a daydreamer to a hectic and stressful person. Like any other essence it just allows the best in us to come to the surface.

So this Bachflower is about grounding for daydreamers - not about destroying their ability to dream and visualize. On the contrary it helps to make visions become real. What is the worth of an idea, that nobody puts into effect? You need imagination to reach out beyond your limitations. If you are unable to image yourself flying, would you ever start trying to build such a flying machine all of us have accepted as normal and real and use them to visit places so far away from our homes.


Children of the Clematis type are usually calm and shy, they never become rowdies and hooligans. They often are anxious and cautious and do not take risks. They do not go out very often and they do not have too many friends. They are able to stay alone without getting lonely but escape into their dreamworld, where life is so full of adventures and success. They love magic and while magic is unavailable in the material world, they turn to where the magic is. They are so full of plans for a better future, but they do not take any steps to make this future become true. Reality seems much too harsh for them to even try to carry their ideas and plans out. They are afraid of confrontations, of fights and power struggles, and unfortunately the world is full of them. So they prefer to stay within their own world, their rich inner world, where everything turns out fine without much stress or effort.

You can take Michael Jackson as a prototype of Clematis, he certainly lives in another universe than the rest of mankind and it is not by accident, that he called his home „Neverland Ranch“. It is his kind of schizophrenic try to create a paradise despite of the conditions of the material world, which must fail, since it lacks grounding. His problems are typical Clematis problems: the material world does not let him live in peace. One has to cope or one will fall.


And that is true for all of us and especialy for all dreamers of the Clematis type. It does not make sense to deny reality, to escape from ordinary life and/or postpone everything to a future, that never comes. Waldrebe however helps us to create the future ourselves, not to wait until it comes - or not. This essence grounds and strengthens us, helps us face reality, take a deep breath and start - at last! It is the appropriate one for all who are creative and inventive, but do not know how to transfer their ideas from the land of phantasy to the one built of stones. If they do not take action, who should? They are the ones with the good ideas. What a waste to let them fall into oblivion!


Don‘t be afraid to become a dare-devil! You will not! Try Clematis and bring phantasy and reality into balance. This essence brings courage, strength and endurance, that help to make your future real. It enables to make contact and find friends in the real world - without destroying the inner magicians and fairies. With its help you become a social being, who enjoys being with others instead of having to escape compagny. Clematis persons do not tend to take over leadership, their role is to inspire others. That is what they do best and that is what they love the most.

©Dirk Albrodt

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