Holly – Face The Inner Volcano

Stechpalme – Holly - Ilex aquifolia

What does really make you angry? What makes our adrenalin glands work. It must be something very important and meaningful to us – else we would not become angry. Anger must be meaningful itself  - so never underestimate an anger attack of your child. It definitely indicates something important is going on.


Holly is about powerful emotions like anger and jealousy. Perhaps that is why the English decorate their houses with twigs of Holly in the Christmas time. There is a phenomenon in Germany, that the number of divorces increases every year after Christmas. It seems to be a very stressful festival for many families. I would really be curious to see results of a research of how Holly twigs and peace in the family relate... Does anybody know the statistics from the UK?

There is something special about the plant‘s leaves, they are leathery and spiked – however this is only true for the lower branches, which otherwise could be eaten by animals. The higher ones which are out of reach for any animal have no spikes at all. This signature indicates, that the plant cares for her energy instead of wasting it unnecessarily. This is quite different to the behaviour of human allergics, who use their strongest weapons not only to fight virusses and bacteria but also hazels, strawberries and tiny little grass pollen. What a waste of energy!

You can give any allergic Holly essence while he goes through a hayfever attack. This essence really soothes any inflammation! Anger has two poles as well: a good one, which can be used to fight real enemies, and a bad one, that fights harmless pollen or even oneself. Anger is neither good nor bad, it is just an emotion, what counts is what you make of it. Anger can give you enormous strength and power when watching a rapist attack your child, even if he should be twice as big as you are.

Anger on the emotional level has its analogy on the physical level: inflammations! And just like anger inflammations, too, can become too strong in childhood (ok, later too, but more often during childhood). Both the emotions and the body are still in the learning process and both not only can but do overreact. Holly is the best flower remedy to calm done and soothe any inflammation, especially when it is accompagnied by high temperature. Holly is good in all cases of fever, no matter what the reason for it is.


The family is the right place to learn how to cope with anger, but unfortunately many families lack the ability to teach the worth of it. For some being angry seems just another word for being a barbarian. Many people are proud to say that their families do not know any conflicts and quarreling. So how could they teach their children facing the inner volcano? Such families obviously do not themselves. Children seem to fear to be thrown out in case of shouting and slamming doors or whatever. Ask yourself: do you really believe you always have to be kind and calm to be an accepted member of your family? What kind of family is this? Don‘t you know the worth of a cleansing thunderstorm and forgiveness and being good again?

I do believe that children need to experience rage and fury within themselves in order to learn to cope appropriately. I do not believe you will love watching your child throwing himself to the ground, kicking his legs and making every siren hooting jealous. Do not panic, but also do not underestimate what is going on. The child should go through the experience of being a nasty little terrorist but still be loved while being angry. How could he or she learn to forgive and reconcile when fighting is prohibited? And what should he or she do with all this anger inside? Pee into the toy box? Torture the puppet or bang the head rhythmically against the wall?


Ok, this is a pleading for letting the children go through their experiences of all possible emotions, allowing them to be pupils of the school of life. The home and the family are the training camp for future struggles, like it or not. Where else should they learn their social skills? So if you are a parent and hate some of your child‘s stages of growing up – perhaps you like to take some drops of Holly yourself. They really make peaceful!

Emotions are our teachers and helpers. Better we try to learn from them instead of keeping them out of our lives and missing their lessons.


Let me finish this article about the anger remedy with a quotation of a woman attending a self-defense course. This is what she said, when her teacher demonstrated a special technique to hurt the attacker:
„But this will cause him pain!“

©Dirk Albrodt

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