Amble Willowherb – Healer of Children

Zottiges Weidenröschen - Amble Willowherb – Epilobium hirsutum

This smaller species of the Fireweed family relates to the better known Schmalblättriges Weidenröschen (Willowherb) similarly to how Little Primrose relates to Evening Primrose: the small flowers heal children, while the big ones are supposed to be better for adults.

Amble Willowrose

Amble Willowherb flowers from July to September, it grows up to 1,50 m, its flowers appear in clusters. They are 2 cm in diameter and radiate a bright magenta. The stems are hairy, the seeds are also hairy, these hair can be used as wicks. Just like its sisterplant Willowherb (Schmalblättriges Weidenröschen) it builds up an underground network of roots, that enable her to heal the ground and renew the soil‘s energy. You can always find her in groups I have hardly ever found a single plant of this species. Shape and colour of her flowers although not as impressive as the big sister ones invite everyone for a deep meditation.

While Willowherb has an affinity to fire, Amble Willowherb has such to water. You can find Willowherb on almost completely dried out soil. Amble Willowherb in contrast flowers on wet ground. You may take this as hint at one of her special qualities as a flower essence. There is a German saying that „the water has reached one‘s neck“ meaning literally the danger of drowning, but it also used metaphorically when the situation one is in becomes really threatening.

Amble Willowrose

This essence has like many others, too, its special story. After the preparation process was finished nobody was interested in the essence. It was the wallflower essence in our assortment, the mother essence in our store waited years until it was re-discovered. I still do not know what started the interest in this essence, till then I had never published anything and nobody knew more than the name. However from one special moment on people from around the world ordered this research essence. The essence is one of our late bloomers and that gives us a hint at what she is about.

Amble Willowherb is for people who take certain steps in their development later than usual. We all know some kids grow faster than others, but their is a certain timeframe in which the (inner and outer) growth takes place. There is certainly no need to be concerned when your child is 14 and has not yet reached puberty. However if you feel that there is something inside your child keeping him from growing up, becoming ripe, this may lead you to the use of Amble Willowherb. Usually children to not enter puberty until the necessary steps before are taken. They have to make some childhood experiences before they can take the next step to becoming adults.

Amble Willowrose
Amble Willowherb seeds

There is e.g. the famous Peter Pan, the boy who never grows up and who does not want to. Even when he has become a man he stays a boy, avoids responsibility and lives rather in his dreams than in reality. Of course it is important for men not to forget the little boy inside themselves – but if they let him be master of their lives it won‘t lead them very far. Girls who do not want to grow up often develop anorexia. They avoid successfully to develop further and without the input of food and energy puberty avoids them. They can even die from starving (while still believing they were too fat). What must have happened to these girls that they prefer dying to becoming grown up women?

Well, Amble Willowherb is the essence for children (and adults) with such deficits in their development. It works like Willowherb on the damages that lie underneath the surface, the unconscious issues. None of the girls suffering from anorexia would clearly say: I want to die – but still they behave as if that were the case.

Amble Willowherb is the healer of the children and the inner child. You can always use it when your child has to face major challenges in life. Perhaps a parent died, what is hard enough to stand, but sometimes the surviving parent needs the child to replace his or her partner and that is really too much of a good thing for children. The big sister has to take over responsibility for her younger brother or sister, although herself she is still a child. I know cases where the mother made her daughter sleep in her bed because she felt so lonely after the death of her husband. Everybody could understand that, but still it is wrong. A child cannot play the role of an adult without being injured, abused and traumatised. Try Amble Willowherb to heal such injuries. You may use it for treating every injury, may it be physical or emotional, use it for healing humiliation, disparagement and overcharge.

Amble Willowrose

Amble Willowherb is for children who grow up too fast as well as for the ones whose development is blocked. This essence is good for everyone who lost openness, carefreeness and zest for life. During childhood you get the basics of life, someone whose childhood was stolen will hardly become a happy adult. Give them the support and energy of Amble Willowrose. It helps to face the challenges of life.

©Dirk Albrodt

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