Cross-leaved Heath – Encouraging The Outsider

Glockenheide – Cross-leaved Heath – Erica tetralix

This is the original and famous species of the Erica family, which even Goethe wrote poems about. Later people mistook Bach‘s Heather for Erica, however Heather is Calluna vulgaris. Anyway both species go very well together and often you can find large pink mats of Heather and Bell Heather, especially in the Heide in Northern Germany, where such mats can cover kilometers. Cross-leaved Heath is a little taller than Heather, it has pink flowers like Heather, too, however they are bell-shaped and bigger. Looking from a distance you cannot distinguish Heather and Cross-leaved Heath but a closer look is worth while.

Bell Heather

The crowded Heather and Cross-leaved Heath plants together have a huge impact on the observer. Coming closer shows us that Cross-leaved Heath is taller, it looks as if it tries to adapt to the neighbour plants, but fails. This signature make her essence very interesting for flower essence practitioners.

Bell Heather

Cross-leaved Heath essence has a gift for all, who miss relationships and a sense of belonging. It is especially for people who live among but not with others. Such people have the desire to be part of a community, but somehow they cannot be – so it seems. They are like a ball on the surface of the water, how hard they may try to become part of the water they cannot dive in. Bell Heather is for these people. For outsiders, drop-outs, strangers – people who feel alienated.

You can give Cross-leaved Heath to children, who suffer from being pushed around in school. It is for boys who are never chosen to be part of the footbal team, for girls who are never invited for a dance, for children who have no friends, children who perhaps look different from the others, may they have a strange skin colour or be handicapped, may they speak a foreign language or stutter, or may they even be so intelligent, that they find the games the others are playing simply foolish and boring.

Bell Heather

Children of the Cross-leaved Heath type or somehow different from other children.They are the abandonnened, they are sorted out, often overcharged and cannot find a way into a group. They are lonely and have no idea how to change this. They do not receive the appreciation for what they are – they are rejected for what they are not: nice, handy, friendly, respectful etc. They may be skilled but nobody appreciates their skill. They are always outside the community. They are never invited to a children‘s birthday party. And when other children look for someone to push around and make jokes about it is always the Cross-leaved Heath child they find as a welcome victim.

For the indication of Cross-leaved Heath essence it is not necessary, where their type of social handicap may result from. Can be failing parents, a split of the family, a lack of love or any kind of trauma. When the Cross-leaved Heath type behaviour results from it, this essence is the best choice. The point is that these children feel left alone when they needed help. They feel all alone on Earth, nobody can understand them, not even the ones who feel close to them. They suffer from depression and destructive behaviour paterns.

Bell Heather

What exactly the reason for their problems may be, it does not matter. They are different, perhaps taller or smaller, perhaps slower or faster than others, perhaps they wear what others consider as strange cloths or follow a strange religion or whatever. Cross-leaved Heath helps them to accept themselves as they are. It helps out of the vicious circle of „not being accepted – behave like one who is not accepted – being not accepted for behaving like one who is not accepted – therefore feel even more rejected etc.“

Without self-worth there is no self-determination. Cross-leaved Heath makes children strong and upright, especially the little, the fat and the ones with pimples.

©Dirk Albrodt

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