Star of Bethlehem - The Second Chance

Star of Bethlehem for women

Star of Bethlehem is the appropriate remedy for the treatment of after-effects of the birth trauma - for both mother and child. Sometimes the start in life does not run smoothly, instead rather traumatic and with the help of surgical instruments. Although they may be necessary, they always bring along a frightening aspect. Most of the ones who had a bumpy start in life do recover, but some of them unconsciously carry this trauma and keep it hidden throughout their lives and wonder again and again what is wrong with them. Perhaps they develop negative beliefs and thoughtforms like being unwanted or seeing the world as a most dangerous place which requires to stay alert and on guard all the time. Although Star of Bethlehem can not make the trauma undone, this flower can bring relief, realignment and new hope.

The mother’s trauma may have similar effects. It happens that births drag on agonizingly long and yet have to be abbreviated with the scalpel. Sometimes an episiotomy must be made or there is a perineal laceration, which can cause after-effects women can suffer from for a long time, for example, in the form of nightmares. Once the woman gets pregnant again there is the danger that all her fears and pain of the previous birth return and are mentally replayed like a broken record so she has to go through the suffering again and again. Star of Bethlehem helps her to leave the pain in the past and lets her confidently and joyfully look forward to the birth of her next child.
In addition, this essence has proven to be helpful with painful menstruation.

Star of Bethlehem

Star of Bethlehem - Ornithogalum umbellatum

In short:
Keywords: fear, shock, trauma
Positive reactions: comfort, regeneration, hope
Summary: In case of shock, fright, great sorrow and mental distress. Helps people who need comfort and encouragement. For processing old emotional and psychological injuries.

Relation to pregnancy and childbirth

  • to alleviate any ghasts during pregnancy, for example resulting from the news that the child may not be completely healthy
  • injuries of the heart
  • to alleviate the trauma of one’s own birth
  • alleviates the trauma of previous births, if the pregnant woman is very scared and full of fear
  • acute fear of childbirth
  • makes blocked energy flow again
  • helpful in any emergency situation to bridge the time until medical help arrives
  • to be more relaxed during childbirth
  • for the baby immediately after birth, when it was difficult and/or long-lasting and exhausting
  • to eliminate energetic blockages caused by episiotomy or a cesarean scar
  • brings comfort in cases of a loss of the child
  • brings new motivation to move on in life
  • helps with aversion to sex after childbirth

Combination with other flower essences:

  • Star of Bethlehem + Pear, Rosemary, Willowherb and White Yarrow combined create an emergency assistance mix called »Help of Flowers«, especially developed for crises during pregnancy
  • Star of Bethlehem + Pear help to cope with traumas regarding motherhood
  • Star of Bethlehem + Willowherb + Pomegranate are helpful when the female self-esteem has been injured, damaged or diminished
As far as I know Touch-Me-Not Balsam essence was first prepared in Germany sometime in the 80s and researched by the „Blüten Arbeitskreis“
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Hardly surprising that among the flower essences for the birth preparation and monitoring are some that are obtained with the help of the flowers of fruit-bearing
When we started our research project „flower essences for the birth preparation“ as it was called first, I already knew one or two things about borage.
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