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Impatiens - Impatiens glandulifera

Impatiens has been the first modern flower essence. Together with Clematis and Mimulus this flower marked a turning point in Edward Bach’s therapy concept. These three flower remedies were first prepared in homeopathic way, before the sun method was discovered. Bach introduced them in his essay ‚Some New Remedies and New Uses‘ in 1930 in the World Homeopathic to the public. Bach’s first presentation of Impatiens, however, differs significantly from even his later definition. First he found Impatiens an effective remedy in the treatment of pain and nerve problems. Indications were headaches, neuralgia, nerve pain, as well as depression and anxiety.

Later he wrote in  »The Twelve Healers«: »Those who are quick in thought and action and who wish all things to be done without hesitation or delay. When ill they are anxious for a hasty recovery. They find it very difficult to be patient with people who are slow, as they consider it wrong and a waste of time, and they will endeavour to make such people quicker in all ways. They often prefer to work and think alone, so that they can do everything at their own speed.«


In 1839 English sailors brought the plant from cashmere to Europe. Its common names Indian Balsam and Himalayan Balsam express its origin. Sometimes it is called Kiss-Me-On-The-Mountain. Its appearance alludes to another name: Policeman’s Helmet. The appearance was also the reason why Balsam was brought to England. A couple of times I was asked whether the impressive flowers were orchids. They are not.


Meanwhile, the invasive proliferating plant feels at home in whole Europe. The plant is annual and of extremely rapid growth. In a few weeks it reaches a height of more than 2m. The white, pink to purple colored often bi-colored, sweet-scented flowers are 3 to 4 cm long and hang down from a petiole. Flowering time is June to October. Often on the same plant you simultaneously find buds, flowers and seeds. The seed pods, which are up to 2cm long, use water to build such an internal pressure that they explode when reaching maturity at the slightest touch and throw their seeds.
The rapidity of the plant’s growth and irritability, which is symbolized by the popping seed pods, inspired Edward Bach to his interpretation of a flower essence as one for fast thinking and acting people who become easily impatient.

The flower essence:
Keyword: impatience
Tags: patience, adaptability, inner peace
Summary: For people who are always in a hurry. They are impulsive and irritable, under constant stress and often inadvertently cause accidents in their urge to do everything faster.


If the desire for a child remains unfulfilled for a long time, it can transform into an obsessive thought, which dominates the whole life. Affected women tend to subordinate all their health, sexuality and ultimately their life to this desire. However, the fixation on a single theme all too often creates a loss of the quality of life - while there is no guarantee it will lead to the result one hopes for. On the contrary, the inner tension can prevent the conception. If there are no physical causes for infertility, you want to look for reasons in the mental and psychological area.

That is the purpose of this flower essence. Impatiens calms, relaxes and brings a sense of serenity, which seems to be a prerequisite for conception. Other mental blockages should also be taken into account, but without inner freedom nothing will work. In this field Impatiens is one of the most important essences.

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