Touch-Me-Not Balsam - Allow Closeness

Touch-Me-Not Balsam

As far as I know Touch-Me-Not Balsam essence was first prepared in Germany sometime in the 80s and researched by the „Blüten Arbeitskreis“ directed by Hildegard Kräftner and Peter Ekl. The German Name „echtes Springkraut“ (real balsam) refers to the belief that it is of German or at least European origin, while in fact it is as invasive als Bach’s Impatiens and also comes from the Himalaya - only 100 years earlier. Another member of his plant family has been prepared as flower essence, Small Balsam (Impatiens parviflora), which originates from Tajikistan hence has made a similarly long journey.

The name refers to the property of the seed pods. They kind of explode up to several meters far when being touched. In some places the plant called „old wives fury“, another term for n Carnival Thursday, the day on which the women take over the regiment.

The annual herbaceous plant grows in the shade and reaches heights of up to 100cm. Flowering time is from July to August. In the axils of the upper leaves hang one to four stalked flowers. The golden yellow, zygomorphic flowers are 20 to 35 mm long and have a curved spur. The petals are interconnected in pairs and reddish brown dotted inside. During the ripening of the fruits they collects water, which increases the pressure so that the seed pods burst at the slightest touch and the seeds are thrown up to three meters.

Touc-Me-Not Balsam

Touch-Me-Not Balsam - Impatiens noli-tangere
Keywords: basic trust
Summary:  recognize your own value, accept niceness and even praise; let mistrust go and learn confidence; accept closeness.

Touch-me-not Balsam is one of the major flower essences to support and promote the „inner child“. Every child has the unconditional birthright to be welcome, appreciated and loved, without having to give something in return. It is sufficient simply to exist in order to earn all the affection, concern, care, food and love. This gives the child security and self-confidence, it learns to know its own worth.

Who unfortunately enough was being denied the experience of being loved for his own sake in early childhood, will probably become distrustful and inaccessible later, cannot allow and bear closeness and defend himself even against those, who mean well. Relationship and bonding ability remain underdeveloped, such people believe they do not deserve any love, instead to have to earn it. Touch-Me-Not Balsam brings back the quality of basic trust,  takes the fear of letting go and helps to develop the skill of trusting.

Touch-Me-Not Balsam

Right from the beginning of our research of flower essences in pregnancy and childbirth in the 90ies Touch-me-not Balsam belonged to the set. This essence’s ability to strengthen confidence in yourself and your body has made it a valuable support for a lot of insecure women, often primiparas.  Not knowing what is coming, and yet have the confidence that you will cope with it, requires a foundation of self-esteem and trust. If you feel helpless and vulnerable, are afraid of intimacy and assaults and now have to face a situation from which there is no way back (apart from an abortion) moves in a frightening direction and fuels the insecurity with negative expectations. A particular challenge therefore for all those who had to miss the above-mentioned experience of unconditional protection and love in early childhood.

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