Essences That Help During Pregnancy and Childbirth

Since the early 1990s, Mamboya Flower Essences (former: Horus) has been researching the most effective use of flower essences during pregnancy and childbirth. The research project involved more than 100 midwives. We appreciate the help of modern medicine, but we are also convinced that flower essences can help to decrease the use of medications that sometimes have damaging side effects.

We want to help pregnant women to get in touch with their own needs and follow their own instincts. Our own position is that of helpers who only support them in this process. Mamboya Flower Essences help women to gain back their inner balance in this very emotional time of their lives. The essences support women in making decisions that are right for themselves and for their new babies. As a result of our research, we created our twenty-essence Pregnancy Set; here are some of these essences.

Pear: Gives inner peace in situations in which you are afraid of losing control. Gives internal calmness. Consoling, maternal essence. Essence for worry. Helps with breast-feeding.

BorageBorage: Brings courage and confidence in situations where there is a tendency towards depression, a feeling of feebleness and hopelessness; helps to lighten up energy in case of complications or problems during pregnancy; facilitates true mourning and supports one through trying times.

BougainvilleaBougainvillea: Helps one to feel and reconcile with the inner child, acceptance of inner child. Gives safety, security and confidence. Helps one to be able to think and feel like a child again; brings contact to the unborn child; helpful in cases of breech position.

Star of BethlehemStar of Bethlehem: In cases of shock, terror or trauma, this essence soothes and softens the aftereffects; helps to achieve wholeness and integration of childbirth experiences with all parts of the personality; helps with the trauma of birth.

AppleApple: For weary, lethargic and ponderous people, heightens motivation, assists in physical and mental energy, helps one to see and feel one's body as lighter and more beautiful during pregnancy and after birth; helpful in times of hormonal changes.

Indian BalsamIndian Balsam: Brings inner calmness if you tend to feel pushed and hurried, or if you are quick-tempered because of impatience; useful in cases of impending premature birth.

Touc-Me-Not BalsamTouch-Me-Not Balsam: Recognize one's true value, ability to receive and accept praise; lose mistrust and experience confidence; ability to allow closeness; strengthens self-esteem; ability to experience touch and to have confidence in one's own body.

Self-HealSelf-Heal: Helps one to accept one's faults and failures; helps to stimulate self-healing forces; improves the body's utilisation of food during pregnancy and helps to boost the immune system.

DandelionDandelion: Helps to let go of emotional tension which is kept in the muscular system; realization and understanding of one's intuition and instincts, to honour them instead of holding them back; helpful during the last stages of birth to let go of the baby.

PomegranatePomegranate: Helps to accept and live out the female part of the personality. Gives self-confidence in one's own feminine energy during pregnancy and in birth.

WillowroseWillowherb: Heals wounding of the soul; brings confidence in one's own positive development, having the courage to start something new; breaks isolation, heals the unconscious, heals wounding of women and one's femininity, especially injuries from giving birth.

Pineapple WeedPineapple Weed: Brings calmness, safety and orientation; useful in the bonding of mother and child; brings composure and consolation in apparently hopeless situations; realization of one's own limits and potential; gets one in touch with one's own body; helpful for the motor co-ordination of the body.

Saint John's WortSt. John's Wort:  For cases of nagging uncertainty, anxiety about future, insecurity, shyness, fear of the new and unknown, tendency to confusion, lack of self-confidence; makes you trust in the future and believe in a good ending of all things; useful for problems of communication in a partnership.

PinePine:  For people who push themselves towards 100% perfection and react with guilt and shame if this is not achieved; facilitates forgiving one’s own imperfection, helpful for those who need to forgive themselves.

CherryCherry: Brings back the sparkle into our lives, teaches to laugh and enjoy even our everyday routine.

QuinceQuince: Balances polarities to realize, respect and live up to one’s strengths as well as one’s weaknesses; no longer holding on right or wrong but accepting their reality; helps one to find one’s own rhythm in order to avoid extreme reactions (like the end of a spastic labour).

RosemaryRosemary: Useful  when facing conflicts. Assists one to stand up for oneself by finding the voice and courage to fight appropriately; brings concentration of energy, especially in cases of acute powerlessness as in fainting or nausea.

SunflowerSunflower: Helps to evolve and liven up masculine energy, assert oneself, show encouragement, strength and responsibility for oneself; for identity crisis in men and women, new fathers and mothers.

HollyHolly: Calms negative emotional reactions like jealousy, anger, rage, fury as well as inflammatory reactions on the physical level.

YarrowWhite Yarrow: Shelter and safety in spite of unfavourable circumstances. Protects one against stress, bright lights, loud noises, hectic background, radiation etc., eases transition through changes.

Help of Flowers: Emergency Trauma Essence made from a combination of some of the above essences (Pear, Star of Bethlehem, Rosemary, Willow Rose and White Yarrow), it is for all psychic and emotional emergencies.

©Dirk Albrodt

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Hardly surprising that among the flower essences for the birth preparation and monitoring are some that are obtained with the help of the flowers of fruit-bearing
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