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Flower Essences for the pregnancy: Apple

In its issue of 8 June 2011 the German paper Focus reported on the discovery of a certain ingredient (sorry, I could not find the English word for it: Urolsäure, kind of acid) in the apple skin. This is able to trigger the muscle growth-controlling genes. Whether this represents a new therapeutic approach in the treatment of muscle atrophy, further research will have to prove.


Atrophy means weakening, reduction. It occurs by itself, when you lounge and do not use your muscles for a while. But muscles atrophy if limited due to injury or disease, too. Finally, muscle atrophy in old age, so that one can say that probably everyone is affected by muscular dystrophy at some point in his life.

Another piece of the puzzle of the health benefits of apples, which we know strengthens immune and digestive system, stimulates the appetite, prevents the formation of cholesterol in the body and can be used for many other purposes. The active ingredient Quercetin is supposed to dispose free radicals and thus prevent cellular changes, which make age and can even lead to cancer.

In the exploration of flower essences it is alright to think outside the box and see what a flower may become, when you are not plucking it (which most of the producers avoid nowadays). It shows the potential that lies in the flower. Drawing conclusions in terms of the essence‘s properties may be just a step too far, but there is evidence we have. After all, the essence of Apple emerged as a particularly stimulating and health is central in supporting the pregnancy.

pregnant woman

The keyword for Apple essence is adaptability. First and foremost, mental and psychological flexibility, but this can be very helpful when the soul has to adapt to physical changes like those thathappen in a pregnancy. It turns out that the apple blossom can be especially useful when hormonal changes take place. Hormones have their own rhythms and cycles and play a vital role in virtually all phases of life and every single day. Our day-night cycle, for example, is controlled by hormones. Of course, not entirely by them but in „cooperation“ with the sun and its ultraviolet light. Shift workers who regularly move from day to night shift and often suffer from insomnia can be given Apple essence to better adapt to the unnatural rhythm. We recommend people who work mainly at night a combination of Apple and St. John‘s Wort, as the latter improves the absorption of light. You can get the most of the few hours of the available sunlight.


Regarding the pregnancy hormonal changes of course are much more serious. They appear visibly. It is not entirely without reason that pregnant women are said to be moody occasionally and usually hormones are defined as origin.

In the second trimester, women usually feel well, the adjustment is done and so is the transformation of  the self-image. The physical changes are not yet restrictive. Problems usually arise in the beginning, when vomiting makes the woman‘s life miserable, and in the end, when the body is heavy and it costs a lot more effort to move. It is in these phases is the use of Apple essence is of greatest benefit.


Apple, pregnancy and childbirth

  • Facilitates the physical change at the beginning of pregnancy
  • Facilitates emotional adjustment to hormonal changes
  • Transforms a negative expectation
  • Allows to stand by one‘s own wishes, desires and needs are and helps to achieve them
  • Helps to accept the changing body, find yourself beautiful and feel good
  • Help to be able to enjoy the body, movement and physical experiences
  • Assists with internal imbalance during pregnancy, which appears as a disturbance of the water balance on the physical level - use of acupuncture point conception 11
  • For lack of energy, boredom, fatigue and personal lows on the mental es well as physical level, creates motivation
  • Helps after giving birth to physically gain back the inner balance and feel at ease.

Recommendable combinations:

  • Apple + Saint John‘s Wort for treating mood swings
  • Apple + Sunflower for treating backpain
  • Apple + Pear for treating nausea and vomiting in pregnancy

©Dirk Albrodt

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