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Flower essence sprays from Asia

 "AURA SPRAY" is a combination spray, spray type of about 7 flowers are mixed in a spray bottle.

European flower essence sprays

Aura and room sprays prepared with the help of the Living Tree Orchids in Scotland

A very special application of flower essences is the spray, which is becoming more and more popular lately. Flower Essences are filled in a pump sprayer and sprayed around the body or in a room. They serve to strengthen  the energy, foster well-being and inner peace and balance the emotional atmosphere.

Powerful, yet gentle.

These wonderful essences have a subtle effect on our deepest auric levels. They are a loving support from spirit to lead us back to our true home. As we reflect, contemplate, and have courage, we can find our very own soul path and when we walk it we are filled with deep inner joy. SoulGate-Essences support us in living our creativity without limitations.

Flower and others essences combined in African Sprays

Flower essence mists from the Platbos

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