Turquoise Essence



This essence subtly supports us and gradually lifts the veil of our mundane illusions which prevent us from walking and acting in an empowered way in alignment with the plan of our soul. Purified and free of what does not belong to us, we can trust and follow our own inner wisdom. This freedom lets us experience our inner ease of being - a true joy of experience! It subtly liberates from outside energies and clears what is to be cleared. We can again live the original plan of our soul.

Golden Protection It supports us subtly: This essence envelops us with golden light and strengthens our aura. This golden mantle of protection offers
Mindfulness It supports us subtly: Live your life in the now-moment -mindful, without judgment; with awareness instead of mentally analyzing. This essence
Heart Opening It subtly supports us in opening our hearts and helps to better accept life challenges and to act from a place of inner peace. An open heart
Recovery Subtly supports us in providing what is necessary after illness, emotional trauma or hurt. Helps get us back where we belong, giving us the confidence
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