Angelic Canopy Aura Spray & Space Cleansing Spray

A very powerful spray for clearing the aura as well as office & living spaces of negative energies. Deeply reassuring, it is a balm for the troubled soul. Nurtures those who are in grief, despair or who have lost hope. Good for rescue dogs. Releases tension from the flight vs. fight response, & helps to strengthen one’s alignment to the values of life. Very effective in space clearing, aura cleansing and for cleansing crystals.
‚All things can be done in Grace.‘

Angelic Canopy
With oils of Chamomile & Lemon

Angelic Canopy
With oils of Rose Otto, Sandalwood & Lavender

A nurturing and loving energy descends into the crown chakra when you spray White Beauty above your head. Relieves one of the tension which can accumulate
This essence has Rising to the Call of Beauty and Purity of Soul at its core, two essences which are deeply connected to the idea and energy of Beauty.
Temple of Light was created to meet a specific problem in that there can be an incongruity between the Bai-Hui point and the inner chamber of the heart
Positive Flow came into being in response to a question put to me by our Japanese distributor, as to which of the Living Tree Orchid Essences would help
Combining 8 of the orchid essences, Immediate Relief is helpful in emergencies and moments of high stress. Addressing shock at a deep level of the psyche,
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