My Personal Space

There are times in life when we just need more space from other people, when we need to be protected from other people’s energy and what they are thinking.

This combination essence spray is ideal for people who are bullied, people working in offices or living communally, coping with being in crowded places and for anyone with weak boundaries.

It comes in an easy to carry 30ml atomiser in a base of organic orange flower and rosemary water and contains the following flower essences:

  • Yarrow - for psychic protection, separation of self from others
  • Borage - for feeling you can cope with all life throws at you in a calm balanced way
  • Walnut - for protection from what others think of you
  • Nettle - for standing up for yourself and maintaining your boundaries
  • Buttercup - for increasing your self confidence and to bring you energy
  • Potentilla - for loving yourself just as you are
This spray, held in an organic rose water base, is designed to make your space feel clearer, calmer and more enjoyable. It contains the following flower
This spray, held in an organic orange flower water base, is designed to clear out negative energies from a space and protect it and you from other people’s
This spray is for using when it isn’t possible or appropriate to use essence drops. For example when someone is unconscious, when you are legally
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