Accident and Emergency Spray

This spray is for using when it isn’t possible or appropriate to use essence drops. For example when someone is unconscious, when you are legally not able to administer anything by mouth (for instance at school or other institutions), or for using on animals and plants.

It comes in a handy 30ml atomiser (with no smell) and can be used in all emergency situations when panic or shock is present.

Our Accident and Emergency spray contains the same essences as Bach’s Rescue Remedy® with the addition of Dandelion.

It contains the following essences:

  • Rock Rose - for terror and panic
  • Impatiens - for stress and tension
  • Star of Bethlehem - for shock
  • Cherry Plum - for desperation
  • Clematis - for that out-of-body feeling before loss of consciousness
  • Dandelion - for bringing you back to earth and into your body
This spray, held in an organic rose water base, is designed to make your space feel clearer, calmer and more enjoyable. It contains the following flower
This spray, held in an organic orange flower water base, is designed to clear out negative energies from a space and protect it and you from other people’s
There are times in life when we just need more space from other people, when we need to be protected from other people’s energy and what they are
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