Power & Manifestation

Americasendangusa, Itadori, Seitakaawadachisou, Danchiku, Toneazami, Naginatakouju, Nira

Gives you courage to go towards the goal, and power to realize your hope. Helps you reject negative energies from others or environment, and accomplish your aim. Helps you make your desire and will clear, and decide and act according to your inner voice. Leadership. Pioneer. Helps you to live on the earth vigorously.

At the time when you fall into a power game. At the time when you do something in difficult situations or against aggressive energies. For those who have a guilty feeling in obtaining things they desire. For those who have so many hesitations that they cannot decide anything. For those who don't keep at anything for long. For those who cannot assert their opinion and who cannot say no. For those who cannot demonstrate themselves in a group. For frustration, depression or abandonment in your life. At the time when you feel empty in living your life. At the time when you choose big things. At the time when you cannot find out your purpose or direction of life.

Contains:Hireharisou, Matsuyoigusa, Meigetsusou, Yabukanzou, kiri, Hahakogusa, MarubaaodamoTo maintain your juvenility and beauty. Helps you regain your
Contains:Kusaboke, Shishiudo, Danchiku, Hireharisou, Fukinotou, Marubarukou, Yabukanzou, HotokenozaJoy to live and sensitivity. Raises motivation to work
Contains:Fukinotou, Fujiazami, Ikarisou, Odamaki, Kishoubu, Harienju, Hotokenoza, MatsuyaniMaterialization of inspiration that comes from the higher. Helps
Brings after death process a light Contains:Tachitsubosumire, Yamasakura, Harienju, Marubaaodamo Divine, Hakumokuren, Hanadaikon, Mitsumata* Some are
Contains:Ooinunofuguri, Ooketade, Shishiudo, Shakunage (pale pink), Senninsou, Boke,  Botanduru,  Mizosoba (white)Helps you live your daily life and
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