Resolving The Karma of An Individual Or Group

Saotomekazura, Tsuriganeninjin, Hireharisou, Yabukanzou, Yamasakura, Ryunougiku, Waremokou

Liberates your wounds of your past or the past lives. Heals the problems in your ancestors or in your family line. Restores damages to your soul. Helps you bring your past to an end and progress to the new dimension. End of sadness and anxiety. Spiritual protection. Prayer and forgiveness. Supports process to let go of attachment caused by bereavement.

For the karmic issues and persistent patterns that come from your family line or ancestors. At the time when you are worrying about your family's problems. For the collective problems or the collective subjects of your family, friends or office, etc. As a support to meet with your soul mate or friends, who share a common goal. For the various disharmonies, restrictions or abandonment, repression of your emotions or paralysis caused by your past wounds (abuse, bullying, separation, bereavement, failure, etc). At the time when you cannot become positive because you cannot forget the past occurrences or the person gone by.  For the problems or patterns caused by your past lives. At the time when you face with death or religious matters. For the ceremony concerned with death or reincarnation. For emotions, thoughts and action patterns that appear causelessly.

Contains:Hireharisou, Matsuyoigusa, Meigetsusou, Yabukanzou, kiri, Hahakogusa, MarubaaodamoTo maintain your juvenility and beauty. Helps you regain your
Contains:Kusaboke, Shishiudo, Danchiku, Hireharisou, Fukinotou, Marubarukou, Yabukanzou, HotokenozaJoy to live and sensitivity. Raises motivation to work
Contains:Fukinotou, Fujiazami, Ikarisou, Odamaki, Kishoubu, Harienju, Hotokenoza, MatsuyaniMaterialization of inspiration that comes from the higher. Helps
Brings after death process a light Contains:Tachitsubosumire, Yamasakura, Harienju, Marubaaodamo Divine, Hakumokuren, Hanadaikon, Mitsumata* Some are
Contains:Ooinunofuguri, Ooketade, Shishiudo, Shakunage (pale pink), Senninsou, Boke,  Botanduru,  Mizosoba (white)Helps you live your daily life and
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