Prem Chivitraa

Brings after death process a light

Tachitsubosumire, Yamasakura, Harienju, Marubaaodamo Divine, Hakumokuren, Hanadaikon, Mitsumata
* Some are not sold as stock bottle.

For the beings who left their body.

Smoothes the process of after death and transmigration. Acceptance of death. Dissolves illusions or fears and brings peaceful and fulfilled state. Helps you aware of yourself, who are already liberated from pains in your body or heart. Helps you receive love and light from your beloveds. Helps you remember ties with your beloveds. Trust in the eternal soul. Love, light, gratefulness and joy.

For the process of after death. For the ceremony of death and after death. For the turning points such as the (Buddhist) services held on the seventh day, forty-ninth day and one year after a person's death. For daily services for the dead. Use until you feel a break point has come after certain days have passed since somebody died.

For those who sent someone off.

Removes sadness, repentance and guilty feeling. Helps you accept timing as the best thing universe has given you. Helps you send love and light to deceased beings. Trust in the eternal soul. Use until your feelings are sorted out. Also can be used after you had intense experience that likely deserves death.

Contains:Hireharisou, Matsuyoigusa, Meigetsusou, Yabukanzou, kiri, Hahakogusa, MarubaaodamoTo maintain your juvenility and beauty. Helps you regain your
Contains:Kusaboke, Shishiudo, Danchiku, Hireharisou, Fukinotou, Marubarukou, Yabukanzou, HotokenozaJoy to live and sensitivity. Raises motivation to work
Contains:Fukinotou, Fujiazami, Ikarisou, Odamaki, Kishoubu, Harienju, Hotokenoza, MatsuyaniMaterialization of inspiration that comes from the higher. Helps
Contains:Ooinunofuguri, Ooketade, Shishiudo, Shakunage (pale pink), Senninsou, Boke,  Botanduru,  Mizosoba (white)Helps you live your daily life and
Contains:Kusaboke, Jishibari, Shakunage (pink), Shakunage (pale pink), Tsubaki, Fujisakura, YamabukiHelps you accept yourself as it is and love yourself.
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