Abundance And Success

Fukinotou, Fujiazami, Ikarisou, Odamaki, Kishoubu, Harienju, Hotokenoza, Matsuyani

Materialization of inspiration that comes from the higher. Helps you receive affluence of the material world on the spiritual way. Magnetism to invite things required to achieve hopes or affluence such as chance, improvement of situation, expand of human relationship, etc. Helps you aware of the right to choose environment or human relations. Trust in oneself, and strong will and optimistic nature. Surrender to the heaven.

At the time when there is hindrances or attacks to interfere with affluence. For the illusion that "I cannot receive affluence." For the guilty feeling, prejudice, hesitation and refusal in receiving things, gifts and supports. For the fear to lose affluence and material stability. For the feeling of material deficiency, attachment, habit to save and unreasonable desires. For the inferiority complex to poverty, jealousy, feeling of despair, impatience, anger and abandonment. For the wasteful habits. At the time when you cannot see the specific measures to materialize or to realize. At the time when an idea begins to take final shape. For those who cannot say "Thank you."

Contains:Hireharisou, Matsuyoigusa, Meigetsusou, Yabukanzou, kiri, Hahakogusa, MarubaaodamoTo maintain your juvenility and beauty. Helps you regain your
Contains:Kusaboke, Shishiudo, Danchiku, Hireharisou, Fukinotou, Marubarukou, Yabukanzou, HotokenozaJoy to live and sensitivity. Raises motivation to work
Brings after death process a light Contains:Tachitsubosumire, Yamasakura, Harienju, Marubaaodamo Divine, Hakumokuren, Hanadaikon, Mitsumata* Some are
Contains:Ooinunofuguri, Ooketade, Shishiudo, Shakunage (pale pink), Senninsou, Boke,  Botanduru,  Mizosoba (white)Helps you live your daily life and
Contains:Kusaboke, Jishibari, Shakunage (pink), Shakunage (pale pink), Tsubaki, Fujisakura, YamabukiHelps you accept yourself as it is and love yourself.
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