Beauty And Diet

Hireharisou, Matsuyoigusa, Meigetsusou, Yabukanzou, kiri, Hahakogusa, Marubaaodamo

To maintain your juvenility and beauty. Helps you regain your youth and inner virginity. Helps you get rid of your armor of flab. Protection, defense or sense of security. Courage to affirm and appeal your body as a woman. Courage and bravery not to fawn upon the opposite sex by using your body or sex. Improves bad habits that disturb beauty. Purification of stagnated energy. Trust in beauty and acceptance of beauty.

For the loss of appeal as a woman, impatience not to lose youth, and abandonment of losing youth. For the inferiority complex, abandonment, superiority complex, attachment and rivalry concerning ones' figure or beauty. For the resistance at physical level that you are to be seen as a woman by the opposite sex. For the sex appeal or beauty to win the opposite sex, and for the unreasonable hang-up on brand, beautification or adornment. For a pattern of addiction in eating habits. For the repression of emotions or flab to protect. For those who wander from one beautification or diet method to another. For those who think of having cosmetic surgery. For those who think of themselves ugly. For the feeling of deficiency of love.

Contains:Kusaboke, Shishiudo, Danchiku, Hireharisou, Fukinotou, Marubarukou, Yabukanzou, HotokenozaJoy to live and sensitivity. Raises motivation to work
Contains:Fukinotou, Fujiazami, Ikarisou, Odamaki, Kishoubu, Harienju, Hotokenoza, MatsuyaniMaterialization of inspiration that comes from the higher. Helps
Brings after death process a light Contains:Tachitsubosumire, Yamasakura, Harienju, Marubaaodamo Divine, Hakumokuren, Hanadaikon, Mitsumata* Some are
Contains:Ooinunofuguri, Ooketade, Shishiudo, Shakunage (pale pink), Senninsou, Boke,  Botanduru,  Mizosoba (white)Helps you live your daily life and
Contains:Kusaboke, Jishibari, Shakunage (pink), Shakunage (pale pink), Tsubaki, Fujisakura, YamabukiHelps you accept yourself as it is and love yourself.
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