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Rainbow Hematite

Rainbow Hematite

Indications: closed down perceptually; inner sight is ungrounded or undeveloped; difficulty seeing the more subtle aspects of reality; judgmental and lacking objectivity; fear of seeing the truth.

Healing Qualities: strengthens our inner sight and vision by helping us ground it to the Earth; develops the innate capacities of the 6th chakra in a balanced, calibrated and practical way; helps us to not be emotionally reactive or go into judgment in response to the information we are receiving, or to what we are perceiving.

Indications: uneven energy flow throughout the day; vacillating between willful and disinterested; stubborn; lack of flexibility when faced with difficult
Indications: disembodied; lonely; difficulty maintaining loving, heart-centered, and physically nurturing relationships; lack of confidence in one’s
Indications: congested and unbalanced energy flows within and between the chakras and subtle bodies; toxic energy in the aura; lack of circulation of spiritual
Indications: easily distracted; difficulty focusing due to insufficient grounding; attention not aligned with the physical body; caught up in the emotions
Indications: lack of alignment between personal and Divine Will; heavy metal toxicity; chronic misalignment issues in the upper part of the body; weak
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