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Balance and Communication

The essence of emerald focuses the third ray energies of active, creative intelligence. These energies facilitate accessing the intelligent and intuitive mind that aids you in manifesting your plan. With devotion to concentration, you may attain right understanding and enhanced communication skills. Realise the will to succeed by tolerance, accuracy, creative adaptability and practical, planned activity. 


  • mental illumination
  • clear intellect and thinking
  • enhanced memory, communication and speech
  • seeking and realising objectives, practical efficiency, success in business
Lucidity and InventivenessThe essence of topaz focuses the fifth ray energies of knowledge and science.Access the higher mind and think with clarity. Invoke
Clarity and IntuitionEssence of sapphire focuses the second ray energies of love and wisdom. These energies can help you to be calm and clear, and find
Faith and Inspiration The essence of ruby focuses the sixth ray energies of devotion and idealism. Arouse inspired commitment and attain through one-pointed
Imagination and CreativityEssence of jasper focuses the fourth ray energies of harmony through conflict. Realise beauty and harmony by unifying opposing
Hematite is essentially iron oxide and is formed from the union of magnetite and oxygen. Magnetite typically carries the dominant magnetic signature in
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